Hi! I have just completed wk 1 run 1!! As a busy teacher, I decided to use half term to finally get moving - I haven't done much exercise in the past 8 years so it was tough, but I feel very proud ☺️ doing this to get fit, get strong and lose weight! It was weird feeling that cross country breathlessness (took me back to being 13 and dwawdling along at the back lol) but being able to push through it was good. Bring it on...


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  • Well done! And I love the positive username :) That's good planning - complete week 1 while you have more time to yourself, then that'll give you the motivation to make time once you're busier with term again :)

  • Ahh thanks! 😊 Hoping that motivation comes!

  • Well,done. Just go really steady and you will nail each session. As a busy teacher, getting out for runs will help bust the stress 🙂

  • Thanks so much! Can't wait till it becomes stress relieving!

  • Well done for taking those first steps! I too am a teacher and started at October half term for exactly the same reason! I find it is a fabulous way to de-stress after a day at school (although being a teacher has the added disadvantage of picking up lurgies shared by the kids).

    Keep posting on here - everyone is fantastic and so supportive :)

  • Thanks so much! Yeah, after school sounds good - the idea of getting up earlier than I already do is quite daunting, haha...

  • Yes - I already get up at 6 to be in school for 8am (which is when our school starts)! I also find I run better in the evening than the morning!

  • You will love it...I am retired and still do my runs early morning.. :) Best time of the day and it really sets you up for the day ahead :)

  • I'm another evening runner :) (although not tonight as Mr Rainbow went shopping today so I've just had a very lovely - and filling - dinner!)

  • The lurgies are still here, even though retired from teaching :)

  • Straight back to school days and cross country torture is how so many describe week one! Fantastic that you pushed through and it made you feel good. It's an amazing programme, I am still in awe at how it works! If we'd had something like this instead, or as a pre-cursor to cross country, I'm sure there would be far fewer couch potatoes! Enjoy the journey, it's going to be wonderful😊

  • Haha! Thank you😊 Loving your profile pic by the way!!

  • I totally agree! All I remember about running is it was rarely taught, and when it was it was usually running round the gym. Plus running without the social pressure of being a teenager in school is a huge deal.

  • Take it steady and slow, and follow the programme carefully. take those rest days and keep posting. This is one of the best things ever. Welcome :)

    You will love it.We are a great bunch for support, encouragement and the odd shove if it is needed..:)

    You will, if you stick at it, feel so much better mentally and physically. you may lose weight..or not.. but you will get trimmer and more toned.

    Plan your running journey around you and your lifestyle and your work after half-term. :) Your journey.. your way! Go for it! :)

  • Thank you so much! I am already feeling the support and encouragement after just 1 day - what a lovely bunch you are indeed 😊

  • We are.. and guess are one of us now ! Go you! x

  • Welcome aboard Claire. You've started a whole new life now, you know. You runner you. :)

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