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Injured yet again - could scream!

After finally throwing off an Achilles injury which has held me back since early March, I've been gradually chipping away at my distance - making slow but steady progress towards the elusive 10k.

Felt a slight pull in calf (other leg) last Monday but thought little of it, and, after lots of work with the foam roller and an extra day's rest, it felt good to go. Did another 7k on Friday which felt really comfortable, so was horrified to wake up yesterday morning with a calf so stiff and painful I am actually hobbling - it's so sore, I can't even bear to go near it with the roller.

I am so frustrated I could cry :-(

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Oh no!!! I share your frustration saruma, I tripped in the garden 2 weeks ago and now have a suspected cracked rib . I SHOULD'VE been running the Oxford Town and Gown today :-(

Instead I am sitting here wondering when I will run again?? So I really feel for you . Hope that you heal soon



Get well soon Kazzers - hope the rib heals quickly xx


Oh Saruma I'm so sorry to hear this! :( I really can feel your frustration. I hope it doesn't end up being something too serious or take too long to get better. Take care and hope you can get out there again real soon.

Sue x


Oh saruma that sucks! I really hope it's just a minor niggle that will sort itself out quickly and then you'll be back on that 10k trail - you've done so well to get back after the achilles injury.

Sending virtual {{{healing vibes}}}!!


Thank you ladies xxx


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