Injured 😥

Have my first 10k race on Sunday and I may not be able to compete.

Following a trip to physio last night with a tender knee, it seems I have a tight left quad which is causing my knee pain. Down to previous issues with my back and sciatic nerve...

Hot baths, massage and an introduction to a foam roller to see if it improves.

So hope I can run

Jules xx

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  • Oh sorry to read you're injured. You thought your knee was playing up last week didn't you 😢

    I hope that it eases fast xxxx

  • Thanks Hun. Glad it's not my knee but just bad timing


  • Hey Jules, I was recovering from a calf injury on my first 10k, (hark at me, sound like a veteran - not!) I just decided to plod, walk if I needed to, gave my self no pressure at all just the wish to finish. I had to duck out of my last one, there was no way I would be able to run for 10k with the sore shin I had. But, luckily they did a 3k fun run, so I changed to that, which was just fine.

    Go with how you feel, the worst thing for me would have been trying to do the 10 and having to give up, I would have felt stupid.

    Take care, listen to your body, I think it takes time for us newbies to learn what our bodies are telling us, but we get there in the end! Good luck.


  • Thanks Madge.

    Physio has said I could run if I feel OK.

    Just gutted really as have worked so hard. Still we'll see xx

  • Oh no!!! Sending you lots of get well wishes and keeping my fingers crossed that a few days rest and following the physio's advice will get you ready for a steady Sunday 10k xx 🙏

  • Thanks Hun.

    Hopefully I will be able to do it. I will do as I'm told.


  • The only advice I can give is to be brutally honest with yourself. What did the physio say? They would normally give some insight this close to an event. If they said it's ok to try then I agree with Madge play it all by ear and if you need to walk - walk. A tight quad can be treated more easily than a knee I suspect and the last thing you want is lots of time on the IC. Good luck which ever you decide.

  • Thank you RFC.

    Physio says I can run if I feel OK but be realistic and stop if it hurts. Trouble is it doesn't really hurt as such when I'm running. It's more after.

    I will be good and see how it is.

    Jules xx

  • Hi Jules

    I'm really sorry to hear that and I hope you recover soon. Did the physio give you any indication of whether you will be able to run on Sunday? Listen to your body and the advice of the physio, the last thing you want is time on the IC. So frustrating for you. Keep your chin up lovely. X

  • Thanks Mim. I will be good and make sure it is OK.


  • That's a bummer Jules.

    I do hope everything is OK but it is better to be safe than sorry. There will be lots of opportunities to enter other 10Ks. A short term stay on the IC is a small price to pay to avoid something worse.

    Take care and chin up.

  • Thanks Dunder.

    I know, just so dissapointed. Have a foam roller now. Blimey, no idea that was going to be painful!!!!

    Jules xx

  • Oh Jules, this is the worst news! :( All I would say, as someone who had 2 months off with knee trouble after graduating, is to be brutally honest with yourself about how your knee feels on the day. If there is any possibility that you're going to make things worse by running, then pull out. The excitement of one race, even your first ever 10k, is not worth a protracted visit to the dreaded Injury Couch with knee issues.

    Big hugs coming your way and a local shoulder to cry on, if needed xxxx 💐

  • Thank you lovely.

    I will be honest with myself. Hoping the exercises will help relax it enough for Sunday. Missing my swishing xxx

  • I know the feeling (well, the feeling of not running, not the swishing). Haven't run for a week because I've had a cold. Had intended to pm you tonight to see if you fancied having a go at those hills, but hills would be the worst idea for you at the moment! xx

  • Oh no, even worse, was looking forward to that too. Hope you feel better Hun. Never did I think I'd be fed up because I can't run.

    We will do those hills together. Hopefully exercises will work

    Jules xx

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear this! I agree with what others say; try and be sensible, head over heart and all that!

    Hope you are fighting fit again soon x

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