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W9 R3 - should I finish a solo run or do the funrun?


Just been looking a little further forward and my W9R3 will be on the weekend 15-16 June. on the same weekend there is a 5k charity fun run in my local park.

So my question is should I stick to the plan and keep my W9R3 between just me and Laura - or should I attempt to do the fun run (it does say all abilities welcome)

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do the fun run!! it will be a brilliant way to graduate. go for it :)


What Shelley says! A proper celebration!


I'd go for the funrun too - even if you're one of the many of us who don't get to 5k in 30 minutes by week 9, for a funrun it won't matter how long it takes as there will be a good mix of paces, very likely including some walkers.

Lovely way to graduate! :)


What a great Graduation memory! Do the fun run!! :-)


Yes. What they said. :D


right you all - you were supposed to say no keep listening to Laura & do your usual solo running.......

but there's 5 graduates telling me to do the funrun so you can't be wrong. Tonight I've entered the run & I WILL complete the program and I WILL run the funrun ......

Thank you all.


You could always do the funrun amd listen to Laura at the same time! I didn't listen to her on my first parkrun and really struggled, the last two I have done to Stamina; I don;t have it on loud & if I need to talk to someone it is easy to pull your headphones out!

Have a great grad run on the funrun anyway! :-)

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