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Week 2 Day 1!

Tonight I completed W2D1. I have to admit, I was nervous about the extra 30 sec. added to the runs but it ended up going really well. For some reason tonight though I felt extra energetic and I really felt like I could have gone on longer if I had to. Funny how some runs my legs feel like lead and others I feel like I'm gliding on air. Hope W2D2 goes just as well. :)


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Well done! I found week 2 "easier" than week 1 - the stop start nature of 60 secs run left me totally exhausted. I've just started week 3 and already I can feel that i'm able to catch my breath much easier :)


The stopping and starting was pretty exhausting in week 1. I do find it easier just to run an extra 30 seconds since I already have the momentum going. Good luck with week 3, it's reassuring to hear of other people being able to handle some of the longer runs down the line.


The first few weeks are definitely the hardest, the lactic acid would hit my calves as soon as I stopped running which then made the walking slow. Now completed week 5 and it has become more of a mental challenge. I have definitely gained in fitness and lost in size and feel like I'm becoming a runner for the first time in my forty year life! The 5 mins and 8 mins runs have now become easy with the 20 mins run being the current peak. Keep going and trust in Laura.


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