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Week 2 completed for the second time - bring on Week 3

After a bit of knee trouble I have re-done Week 2, and and am feeling good. There is just one problem I have.

Laura tells us that we should regulate our breathing in time with our 'Left foot' and count. So Laura needs me to run, and count at the same time! Obviously being male I am significantly disadvantaged in this, as it would mean doing two things at once, and that on top of me wondering why I sweat in my ears! Seriously though, I think she is saying breathe in over 4 counts of the left foot. By the time I get to 4 I am well on my way to my second breath. Has anyone mastered this 'regulated breathing'?

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Hahaha... you guys can multi-task, you've just been keeping it a secret so the females do more things! LOL ;) :D

As for Laura's breathing suggestions, ... nope, you are definitely not alone in thinking you'd need super human lungs to breathe at her 4 steps pace! Several of us have decided that its a deliberate plot on Laura's part (albeit a well-intentioned tip!) to get us all working on steady breathing and forgetting, sore legs, feet and distances to be covered. I reckon most of us find our comfortable breathing eventually, and that comes when everything else falls into place comfortably anyway. So, as long as you know that all Laura really wants is for you to relax into your breathing, loosen shoulders and release tension in your neck, you'll run off happily and more confidently. Have fun in W3, lots of luck. Cheers, Linda x


Lol, I think where this tip is concerned multi-tasking is beyond anyone, male or female!

I have no idea at all how to regulate my breathing. I have tried - and failed - and have just decided that as long as I am breathing, that's good enough. It's more huffing, puffing and panting, but hey! I've graduated by doing that so obviously works for me!!

Good luck with the rest of the program and Linda's right, just loosen your neck and shoulders and if you've got a water bottle with you then don't grip it too tightly, keep muscles relaxed as much as possible. I still have to remind myself to do that on every run.

Have fun! :-) x


Glad to see I am not the only one who is more concerned about just breathing, than breathing rythmn. Relaxed muscles sounds like good advice though, I shall try that.



I have tried repeatedly to count my breathing, but fail every time! (Last time I tried was on my 10k plod, and I think I was taking 7 steps, ie 3 1/2 left feet (?) per breath - but I still don't really know! Or care, really!)

Breathing is the last thing I want to think about - I just do it! (And I'm female, though admittedly not too good at multitasking!)


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