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All Over W5R3, Like a Boss!

I say like a boss, but really I mean completing my 20 minute run without pathetically collapsing to heap on the pavement.

In all seriousness, it went really well! I am still running at snail speed but would prefer that while working on my breathing, posture and technique.

Cannot quite believe that I ran for a full 20 minutes today, but the thought of proudly sharing it on this forum did help mental motivation. I also discovered a new park area with a great looking outdoor gym while trying a new route.

Despite being extremely tired due to early starts in work, am still feeling enthused about moving onto Week 6 and also giving my Slimming World regime a 'back to basics' reboot.

One thing I wondered, as I have mentioned before...I tend to get trouble with my left knee/foot.

When running for a prolonged period it tends to get tired and a bit sloppy (even with a support). I then start to rely on my right leg later on in the run which can't be good either as my weight will be unevenly distributed. My calves have also been super tight this week for no apparent reason but have been working through this too. Deep freeze has had a lashing.

Any tips pre/post run would be good!

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Great that you are doing so well with this, good for you! :)

Am a bit concerned about that left knee/foot though and think maybe you should see your GP or a sports physio if the pain doesn't go. You mention support......is this a 'wear over the top, stretchy' knee support? I only ask, as I was told that these aren't always the best solution for knee problems when running. (When running correctly, the muscles surrounding the knee should work in harmony the strengthen the joint anyway - it takes a little time and should be done slowly and steadily) I was advised to get correctly fitted supports in running shoes, following 'gait analysis'. Following the analysis, it transpired that my problem arose from an over pronating right foot! ..... It was turning inwards, which in turn sent my ankle and knee out of true alignment ... and if I'd carried on I might have developed hip probs too and pain with the other leg while trying to compensate to keep my running!

So, not meaning to be a kill joy, just want to alert you to look after yourself properly. Of course, you may already have brilliant, customised inserts in your running shoes? If so, possibly all you may need is additional rest day every now and then to allow your legs to recover. (Cold compresses for swelling, warmth for muscle pain! Gentle stretching exercises after running, not before!)

Good luck with your last few weeks, the runs will get longer now, so take care, go steadily and let the legs carry you safely through. All the best, Linda :)


Hi Linda,

Thanks for this response! I have mentioned in other posts that I have a recurring knee issue to to several dislocations and my left foot suffering severe tendon damage last year. I think that I over pronate and have a shoe with a higher arch but really could do with custom inserts. Where did you get yours from?

I do have a sports material stretchy support but it limits movement somewhat. I have taped my foot before so may be worth trying on my knee.

I have had physiotherapy before and a lot of my knee weakness comes from my hips but I went away abroad to work last summer and haven't re-started my sessions since this time. I think you're right about going back. I get quite bad crepitus in the knee (which I should know better about considering I previously co-ordinated musculoskeletal clinics as part of my job!).

Thanks for the looking out though, I do appreciate it :). It's hard to keep going because you don't want to wuss out but it'll be a lot worse if I push it too far.


Very well done for getting this far. As Linda says, take care to rest and not overdo things, there is really no rush to get through c25k, 9 weeks is such a short amount of time in the whole scale of things. Lots of stretching too, have you tried the strength and flex podcasts? They work well on 'rest' days, and can really help. Best of luck.


Thank you, I have been spreading it over probably about 2 months + so far really, and am in no rush. I will definitely give the strengthening a go and am considering trying an outdoor gym near me on my inbetween days!


Congratulations Luthriel! I did it yesterday and spent the rest of the day grinning like a cheshire cat so I know how you feel. Sorry about your knee though. Hope it's better soon.


Yes, I was definitely very proud! Still in shock I managed to jog for that long but I will take your kind words in looking after my knee better :) x


ooohhh, well done, I too was amazed when I did my w5r3 - what a buzz!! Have you tried Bowen therapy for your knee? It would in all likelihood help enormously. It did for me. xx


Thanks you!! Oh never heard of Bowen therapy! What's it all about? I'll have to do some googling :) x


Well done you. This is my next one. Eek!


Many thanks and good luck Plinth, just keep going...even at a snail's pace like I probably was! :)


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