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1st Park Run - teetering on the brink - I think I need a push!


I've registered and printed off my barcode. I've looked at the route and looked at the times. 478 :O runners, the slowest was 46.03 so I don't think I'll disgrace myself but even so.......

I've NEVER been good at sport and so I never tried, at cross country at school everybody hared off into the distance and I got yelled at by the PE teachers. This has left a scar and I'm terrified of failing yet again. Up to now I did most of C25K on the treadmill in the privacy of my garage and my runs outside since have been mostly around the reservoir with the odd dog walker and fellow runner coming in the other direction. I need to do this to slay a demon but I am more scared than W5 R3!!!

I need a push and I need to say that I WILL be going on Saturday or I'll have to post the blog of shame and lame excuses...there.. I've said it!

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You'll be fine.

Does your parkrun have a FB page - might be worth having a look and asking if you can buddy up with someone who expects a similar time. There may be someone who is as glad of the moral support as you are and no-one will think less of you for admitting you're a bit anxious about the first one.

Parkrun volunteers are incredibly supportive and you will get nothing but encouragement. Your first run is merely setting a target to aim for next time - you only need to compete with yourself - that's what everyone else is doing.

And there's no such thing as disgracing yourself on a parkrun (unless you're a flasher or something strange!) - if you're there, you're a valued part of it :-)

KhrissyGraduate in reply to sfb350

I really don't mind coming last...someone has to...but I don't want to be last by a long gap :O


Registered, barcode, venue- you are set.

I had never run with anyone until I did my first Parkrun, As sfb350 says, tell the volunteers it's your first time and they will keep an eye on you.

I find everyone is quite friendly at the back any everyone is only interested in their own time!

KhrissyGraduate in reply to avensis

That's good to hear, thank you :)


Take a deep breath Khrissy, put on your glad rags and relax. Everything will be fine. Promise.

KhrissyGraduate in reply to Malcy

Thanks Malcy, wish I had your speed though....piggy back maybe?! ;-)


Do it! I had my barcode printed for about 9 months before I finally did my first run last weekend. Everyone is really friendly, and if you look at the the website for your event, you can see people's finishing times, so that will give you an idea of where you'll end up in the results.

KhrissyGraduate in reply to tantrumbean

Last for sure but that's not the point is it?! I'll set the bar really low so it will say PB next to my name next time!!!


Hey Khrissy, I'm doing my first one on Saturday too... I'm likely to be in the last 10 or so, but those people are all people in my age group. I'm also terrified, but I'm going to go for it!

KhrissyGraduate in reply to mehitabel

Good luck! It'll be nice to know you're out there doing it with me!


Go for it, Khrissy! I'm going to go and have a look on Saturday, with the intent of actually joining very soon :O I hope it goes really well for you - post and let us know!

KhrissyGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

Will do. Eeek! I have todo it now don't I?


Oh Khrissy! I'm really envious! Saturday parkruns just don't fit in with family commitments for me, so at the moment I can't get out and do one! So wish I could. So please go and not be too scared (I know I would be terrified), and I will be thinking of you! x

KhrissyGraduate in reply to petal51

Thank you Petal, I'll do it for both of us x


ooh, I was wondering what the parkruns were - thanks to your post I've looked them up online.

I'm only on Wk 5 of the C25k programme so nowhere near ready for these but I think it's something to look forward to.

I don't expect I'll ever run particularly fast - for me, doing the run at all is a Good Thing. Perhaps that's one way to look at it; you don't have to run faster than anyone else, you just have to be able to run it at all. Hopefully you'll have fun doing so!

Saturday morning too.... I've signed up for dog agility on Saturday afternoons from end of July. I suspect Saturday nights will be spent near comatose on the couch if I do the parkruns in the morning!

KhrissyGraduate in reply to lola465

Only on Week 5?!!! You're over halfway there, keep it up!

I will give you a wee push round if you promise to do the same for me matey! Looking forward to reading your victory blog afterwards! My plan is just to pretend that I am confident and happy and all is well. It definitely helps to share the nerves here though!

KhrissyGraduate in reply to CouchtoKiltLegs

Consider yourself virtually pushed! There are about 5 of us planning to do their 1st on Saturday, I think. It's kind of comforting to know that up and down the country we are all going through the same emotions. Good luck with yours and don't forget to blog :D


Maybe I should do my second parkrun? My first was a while ago, and I was 203rd of 203! But it was ok (and I have a very similar past experience of PE!) I shall think about it...

KhrissyGraduate in reply to greenlegs

I didn't realise you'd only done the one :O Go on, it'll be a PB this time with all the 5x50 activity you've been up to!

greenlegsGraduate in reply to Khrissy

I may well - though we're going out later on, so need to figure out how to fit in a shower! I did two runs round the course before the one on the day, and I've done several 5ks elsewhere. I don't think I've speeded up much though - but maybe I'll surprise myself!

KhrissyGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Go on, go on, go on! I will if you will :D

greenlegsGraduate in reply to Khrissy

You don't need me - off you go! I think I'm going to wait until a less complicated day, but will be thinking of you! :D


Virtual shove from me! I accidentally joined the park run in week 3.it was fab! Want to try for real when I graduate. Lots of folk there and all really supportive.


I have registered for parkrun but have yet to go and now may delay it even more as when I have been out for a 5k run it has been about just over 53minutes so would like to get it under 50minutes before I even attempt one but hope to do this before my Race for Life 5k end of june (however am regretting signing up for this as my friend has yet to register and if she doesnt I cant go as I cannot drive and it is on a sunday so public transport may be sparse)

Plan to run tomorrow and try and beat my last time of 53mins and 2 secs.


I am doing my first park run tomorrow. Go us! (Bit nervous but I'm sure it'll be fine!)

KhrissyGraduate in reply to PamJK

Pam, I kid you not, I'm terrified! Flashbacks to horrid cross country school days every time I think about it...and today I've thought about it constantly...I have a massive dragon to slay :X

Kit laid out, banana and water in car, demon bound and gagged, reading up on inspirational blogs on here and then off to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream (where on earth did that come from?!!! :O ) I'm delirious ;-)

pinkhatGraduate in reply to Khrissy

Wish there was a 'like' button to click for this!


Khrissy you are the reason I signed up yesterday after I read this, commented and thought 'Blimey if she can do it I can too! Hope your demon remained bound and gagged. Just going to blog about my morning.....


I hated sport at school too. I remember being forced to run round the sports field 4 times as a warm up before any games lesson but I couldn't do it. I was always in the last group walking at the back being shouted at by the teacher. I couldn't do it, didn't enjoy it, running wasn't for me.

Shocked but so thrilled at how much I've achieved over the last 9 weeks. Bet you're feeling much the same and having graduated you will have no problems completing a Park Run. X

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