Completed my 1st Park Run - whey hey!!!!

Today was a milestone. I've been running 5k for a few weeks now, and this week took the step of registering myself for Park Runs. I'm so glad I did!! Even though I went out for a meal and a couple of drinks last night (I was as sensible as I could be, drinking water with my meal and not eating too much!!), I made it out of bed on time. I had the support of a friend who drove us there and showed me the ropes. It was a lovely, sunny morning. Perfect. I felt nervous and excited before setting off. I kept telling myself to run at a steady pace, despite lots of people overtaking me!!! It paid off though, as I overtook quite a few of them later on. I was happy I stuck to my own plan. On the last km I found myself playing 'cat and mouse' with a fellow runner. She'd walk, I'd overtake, then I'd walk and she'd overtake, so we ended up chatting, sharing that we were both first-timers! I haven't got my official time yet, but I think I did it in about 35 mins. I'll take that, gives me plenty of scope to get a pb next time!! Feeling on top of the world now, not sure how I can top this feeling over the weekend!! x


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14 Replies

  • Well done, park run is a great experience.

  • Way to go you, you did great at your first parkrun, to run it in 35 minutes is a great time, I did my 9th parkrun today and ran it in just under 39 mins looking forward to running it in under 35 mins probably a few weeks/months off yet, I'm sure you'll get a PB at your next parkrun, and I'm sure in next to no time you'll be running 5km in under 30 mins :)

    you should be extremely proud of yourself, give yourself a well deserved pat on the back and relax,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Thanks Siobhan, I'm still smiling about it tonight! What a buzz! My aim is to keep chipping away until I get under 30 minutes. I'm sure you'll get there too xx

  • Well done, now you started you'll probably get addicted to parkruns. That's a good time for your first Parkrun, happy running.

  • Thank you. 6 months ago I'd never run and I struggled to run for 60 seconds so I'm really proud! It's thanks to the support from this programme and the local running group I've joined x

  • Well done! Park run is just the best. I couldn't imagine my Saturday mornings without it now (my son reckons it should be classed as a cult as everyone that gets pulled in seems instantly 'converted' and before you know it they are there every week - that now includes him, which he just uses to prove his point!).

    You think it feels good now, you just wait til next week, if you manage to get a pb...

  • Ha ha, I think your son's right!! I'll definitely aim to do them regularly and I reckon I've got more in the tank ;) I don't think another pb is too far away! I'm aiming for a sub 30 in the not too distant future!! x

  • really well done :D I am hoping to return to parkrun next Saturday after about 5 months away due to injury :) it will be my 13th .hmmm lol

  • Sorry to hear about your injury, bet you're chomping at the bit to get back! Good luck next week, you'll have to let us know how you get on! x

  • thanks bettie :) I am really looking forward to it :)

    I will post next sat :D

  • Brilliant Beetie , Well done !

    I have to laugh about how you write you were playing cat and mouse. I was today with a man and his young son . They pipped me at the post, and then the man thanked me for keeping his son going as he was enjoying the game ! I' ll get him next time ha ha :-)

    Hey, thats an excellent time too, I would be very very pleased with that - Fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • I'd never met the woman before and when I was struggling I just latched onto her and kept on her tail, then we played cat and mouse, then we chatted and on the home stretch she kindly told me to sprint to the line if I wanted to, so I did! Bet she remembers me next time and gets her own back!! It's good to try and catch up with someone ahead of you isn't it, it kept me pushing a bit tbh x

  • Ha ha !

    Yes , it is good to push yourself a bit . I will look out for that little lad next time ! :-) xxx

  • Well done for being brave enough to give it a go. How nice to have an 'old hand' to show you the ropes too. It's amazing how running with other people can give you the impetus to give more than if you were running on your own. Hope you're getting pub's from here on in !

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