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First 5k done with the help of a wet t-shirt!

After an absolutely disappointing treadmill run on Sunday where I couldn't even finish 25 minutes without walking, I was feeling so unmotivated. I took two days off from running, but thankfully did Strength and Flex yesterday, so I'd still feel like I was doing something.

Today, I spent most of my day reading blogs and getting inspired by everyone's accomplishments and I finally decided to get back to it by doing a run outside tonight, even in this 35+ heat. I took tantrumbean's suggestion to wet my (black!) t-shirt before going out and what a difference it made! I ran and kept running until I finished my first 5k in 42 minutes and I hardly felt tired. Not so fast, but I got there all the same!

I hope this helps anyone who has a bad run and is feeling a little unmotivated after. You can get there! Sometimes, you might need an extra rest day or a change of scenery but it can be done.

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35+ Heat, omg no wonder you need a wet t.shirt I'm struggling and it's only 7 here. Imagine how fast your time would be running here !


I know, I'm moving back home in two months so I'm excited to see if I'll get faster!


I ran when in holiday in Australia last year and took the advice of the local to go either early in the morning (5:30) or just at sunset when there was a breeze. Didn't try the wet T-shirt trick but loved being able to go into the sea to cool off after a run.


Wow, I'm very impressed! Don't think I could manage 5 minutes in that heat. You are going to be flying once you get in cooler temperatures! Well done.


I read something the other day that suggested heat (how much it didn't specify) could drop your pace by about 10% (I think 35 C would drop my pace by 100% though!). So you could be looking at a significantly better time when you get home! :)

Wet t-shirt trick is a good idea.


Thanks all, I'll let you know what happens come July!


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