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Such a good run last night

As I have posted on here before, I got to the end of week 4 and did a 2.4 milr run with my cousin in Liverpool which threw me a curve ball in respect of do I finish the programme or not.


I decided in the end to run my own way ..... Being fully aware the only reason I was on track was due to the C25k.

I have been doing runs of 2.5 miles every other day building leg strength and stamina as where I live in Kent is hilly to say the least.

Yesterday I travelled to Birmingham with work and booked into the Holiday Inn on M6 J7 overnight. I had my running kit with me so looked the gym over.

Not run on a treadmill in a long time, but gave it a go.

Apart from it doing regular time outs and needing to be reset every so often it went well, I did 9.06km (5.47 mile) in 52.27 minutes

Back to the room and a soak in the bath .... good run indeed, I feel great for it

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Goodness gracious! :D May your running carry on going as well as this! You've clearly got legs that were meant to run. :)


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