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Bad run blues

First day back at work and was looking forward to a nice run tonight.

Started off reasonable and got to a fair pace, then my legs started aching and the warm air was drying my mouth. Not a major issue so I carried on.

After 26 minutes the pain in my knee kicked in and I had to stop to avoid further injury, so why am I not happy about the run?

I only managed 4.5k and did not even make the 5k, had a nice cool bath but the calf muscles still ache although the knees seem OK.

I also purchased a10k running plan (OK I had a £40 voucher) and it was sent by e-mail today, a PDF calendar giving running day, cross training days and walking days, not a podcast I thought it would be, I should have read the detail properly. Disappointed :-(

I need a 10k podcast!!!!!

Sorry to post a not so happy blog but I need to get it off my chest - tomorrow is a new day

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I remember seeing a free 5k to 10k podcast on itunes, and the lady joining you on the runs is called Suzi :D

Don't know if they are any good, but it's got to be worth a look ..... I do hope it help's you ot of your disappointment!!! ;)


You can find a link to the B210K podcasts here:


thank you so much, I downloaded it and it sits nicely in itunes, so i will start it next Monday, this week I will focus on cross training, just to have a break.


dont feel bad, knee pain is hard, I have had this too, and have found some ways of managing. I have run on the last 3 days and having withdrawl symptoms today, but so needed to rest the limbs, and I'm on call so its too tricky. You are doing so amazingly well, but don't forget that rest is a great healer and reviver to charge up the batteries. I too need the 10k plan, I am getting bored of stamina now and need a new challenge. Tomorrow is indeed a new day and you will feel so much better and there are new challenges to find around the corner :) Julia


Thank you, i woke up this morning in a better frame of mind. I was given a link to a 10k run and I am going to give it a try

Going to start it next week.


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