Bad run = bigger suitcase

I am off to spend some time with my Dad for the rest of this week. I was going to do my long run today and then have some time off for the rest of the week.

On Saturday I did an 18 hour shift behind the bar for a friends party and it was full on and I was shattered. I thought I would of been recovered today so set off to do a 7km. I very quickly realised that my legs could not do It.

One thing being on the IC has taught me is to listen to the little things my body is trying to tell me. I came home only completing 2km but I am fine with that.

Went and hunted out a bigger case and packed some running gear. I will do some little early morning runs. I know from past experience I need to keep the legs moving after they have got so tired otherwise my arthritis kicks in and makes me hobble.

I will have to explain to my husband that I am only going for 6 days even though the case I am taking is the one I take for 2 weeks. A girl just has to have her running comforts.

It still amazes me how much I am learning about my body just from learning to run.

Happy running to you all

And happy healing to those on the IC.


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  • A lovely example of how being kind to yourself is not at all the same thing as just giving up and not bothering.

  • Thank you. I really think my perspective of things has changed since being on the IC.

  • I hope 7 ou have a good break with your dad and manage to get a good rhythm going on the runs you do ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank you

  • Have a great time with your dad and some lovely easy runs! not sure what the London weather is like today, but I just did 30 odd minutes easy run and it felt really hard because it was so humid (seemed to affect my legs too - lol)

  • Thanks, I even went out in the rain this morning but luckily it was nice and refreshing shame about the cramps in the legs

  • Totally agree with the listening to your body rfc. What's important is to accept and be ok about what your body is telling you, isn't it. This, I think, takes practice as of course it can feel frustrating to head out on a long run and then realise that the best thing to do is actually a shorter one!! Think your attitude is great and I hope you manage to fit your longer running in whilst visiting your father! Take care๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thank you. I think I might try 30 min before breakfast every other day. something a little different for me. its good to shake things up a bit.

  • Enjoy your runs and your time with your Dad!

  • Thank you. I see fish and chips in Whitby on the horizon, then I really must go for a run after that.

  • Ah, fish and chips - lovely! Have a chip for me.

  • Have a great time RFC, carry on listening to your body. Isn't it exciting to be packing our running stuff wherever we go! Enjoy x :-)

  • Thank you. I know, I don't mind the bigger suitcase I will just treat it as strength training hehe.

  • Have a lovely time in Whitby RFC. Lots of fresh air and the odd maga hill to keep your runs interesting. Love the idea of running to The Magpie for fish and chips :)

  • We went to the Quayside. They were so good. Fish and chips fried in lard. Must go for a run tomorrow.

  • Have a lovely time at your Dad.

    Hope you get better and your body is back to normal soon.... but I still wonder how you manage to find the time to do all the things you do!

  • Thank you. I'm not sure sometimes I think time just squeezes a little extra in for me, I have such a problem with saying no to things but at least life is never boring.

  • Oooh Whitby ! That's one of most favourite places in the world !

    Yes you definitely need to take the bigger suitcase ( preferably with me in it ! ) Ha ha :-D.

    Have a lovely time ! Xxx

  • Thank you? I love Whitby went today on the NYMR. I Havent been on a steam train in years. Lard fried fish and chips, they are sooooooo good. must run tomorrow, had trouble even walking after the plate full I had. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

  • Sounds like a perfect day to me :-)

    Oh the steam train is amazing isnt it ? Its like stepping back in time . Lovely xxx

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