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Week 6, run 3 - Arrrgh!

Could kick myself - I was so close to completing the 25 minute run but just couldn't keep going beyond 24.5 mins.

Also I was .02k short of 4k.

Having said that, it was a really warm day and the final stretch is slightly uphill, so I won't beat myself up too much!

Apparently I have a few more chances to complete 25 mins in the coming runs so I'll get it back!

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And how...you'd better believe it! You've made amazing progress with few interruptions...so be proud and loud and launch yourself into week 7. As you said, plenty of time to consolidate the 25 minutes and, who knows, if the weather cools a bit, you'll probably add on a few more for good measure! Lots of luck next time out :D Linda


Cheers Linda!

I'm certainly not giving up now!


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