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Bizarre sights when running


Thought I'd start this thread out of curiosity. Has anyone else seen really strange things when they've been out and about running?

I was visiting my parents over the bank holiday (they live in a tiny village in the midlands) and I was out running in their neck of the woods, when I happened to come across a plumber's van parked up on the pavement which had a mannequin doll's head resting on the dashboard along side a rather religious cross covered in remembrance day poppies.

Living in a city seems to shield me from some of these oddities and as I found that one a bit weird, I was wondering what else other people had come across.

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OMG .... They're out there!!! Weirdest thing I've spotted was a severed fox's head, stuck up in a tree ... rather turned my stomach!!! Horrible!!! This was quite close to the track and certainly viewable from the local A road, on a huge acreage of common land in Hampshire. After enquiring, I was told something of superstitions in the area. Not running there again!

Poor fox! One time, I settled into what I thought would be a boring treadmill run at a hotel gym when I noticed a large chameleon on the tree outside the window. I got to watch the big guy eat flies, stick out his long tongue, and make his way slowwwlly up the tree while running. Not the weirdest or most exciting, but it was something I'd never sit and watch for 30 minutes straight usually and was like a real live nature programme!

I posted a couple of weeks ago that me and my running partner had to virtually leap over a couple under a canal bridge - shall we say getting very well aquatinted with one another ! It was lunch time on a very busy section of the tow path ! It has now gone done as legend in our office gossip and the number of lunch time runners has shot up ! ;)

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