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How noisy are you when running?

Whilst doing my 1st 10km race today I realised that I'm maybe quite a noisy runner. Now I wouldnt say I quite sound like a stranded walrus but I had quite a few heads turn and people move out of the way when I came up behind them. To be honest I didnt come across anyone making quite as much noise as me!

Another thing I noticed was that when I crossed the finish line after putting in a sprint finish and totally gasping for breath it looked like everyone else was breathing normally. Was I maybe pushing myself too hard and going at more effort than I should have been? I thought the idea of a race was to give it your everything!

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I'm with you on this, I'm very noisy, especially when I'm running a little faster and focusing on my breathing. I did a 5K and was gasping when I crossed the line, as I sprinted the final 30 seconds or so.

Well done on your first 10K. I guess people enter for different reasons, not everyone wants to set speed records, but I certainly would want to do the best I can. I wouldn't worry about the noise, just keep passing them :-)


Dunno how noisy I am becuase of the music but I must be pretty noisy because walkers ahead of me stop and make way to let me past! Much worse -- I dribble ....yuck!


Im with you on this (not the dribbling though!) people must hear me coming as they always seem to know when I need to pass them. I too wear headphones. dont think it is my breathing that is too noisy but the thumping of my feet on the pavement.


Yep me too! I have my music on pretty loud, but people turn round or move out of the way a long time before I think they would which must mean I am making a load of noise!

I try not to let it bother me though and keep in mind that they don't know I've not just run a marathon, when in fact I may only be 5 mins in! I speed up until out of sight and then relax a bit! :)


It took me 6 months to stop making grunting noises during the first 5 minutes of any run. Can now run silently and have tried running without music to prove to myself that I can.


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