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Running podcasts?

After completing the C25K program I tried moving on to the 10K program and realized I didn't really enjoy it. Partially I think this was because I wasn't quite ready for it and also I wanted to get a little bit more out of the 5K experience. I recently came across the NHS speed and stamina podcasts which seem to do the trick. The narrator's running form checks and encouragement are also quite helpful.

I was wondering if anyone else had any good 5K running podcasts they enjoy?

I also wanted to say that I just stumbled across your group a couple of weeks ago and I am really amazed to see the kindness and support offered within these posts. It really is heartening - even for someone like me, who is more of a reader rather than a post-er 😊

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Hi again..:)

Well, the NHS C25K+ podcasts are all really good and very useful in their own way, for helping us move on from C25K...they do teach us disciplines of a different kind and help build up strength and stamina too...Stepping Stones is a weird one, ( you either love it or loath it) and you have already found Speed and Stamina.. my particular favourites.

They are great to do on their own or later to add to or in other longer runs... I use Speed for example if I fancy a burst or I am a bit short on time:) I think many of the folk on here felt a bit lost without the structure and guidance of the C25K programme after Graduation :)

As we advised before, the consolidation of the 30 minute run is a good idea... and then trying different things..Intervals, Strides... slow 5Ks and speedier ones...short runs and longer ones..just seeing where you end up:)

Using the 5K to work on your running style can be useful too...but try to vary your distances.. After 5K Graduation, I did loads of runs of different kinds and tried loads of things, including a few quite silly things..( including a try at running backwards)... then went on to the C25K+ podcasts.. and then moved across to Bridge to 10K and just let the running evolve. I gradually built up slowly to 7K and then used Sami Murphy's Bridge to 10 K programme..:)

So I am sure you will get more ideas from folk, but there is a lot to work on out there:)

Let us know how you get on please:)


Hello again Floss! Thanks again for the great tips and advice. I agree, the speed podcast is great for a quick run when time is short, and this morning's stamina run was fun too. I will play around with some options, though I may steer clear of backwards running, I can't see that ending well for me😃

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It sounds like plan... there is so much to try when we continue our running journey:)

The backwards running? Well, it was based on some research about walking backwards and running backwards and how it uses different running muscles..My effort was a bit of fun really!

Folks who know me on here are fairly used to my odd adventures:)


It might make you smile:)

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I was much the same Decker .

I did like the 5K+ podcasts from the NHS page, then I tried Sam Murphy which I liked at first but found them a bit hard and the music was a bit annoying after a while. Next I tried My Ascics but didn't really take to it although plenty of people have been successful with it. I think the problem was I went on holiday and couldn't reset the schedule.

I tried and liked @ju-ju 's plan on the Bridge to 10K forum but wasn't really ready for it (although I think I am now )

So I decided to just run to my own music, with mixed success regarding pace.

Then I found the Audiofuel Polyrunner podcasts, via the NHS Couch to 5k page and these suit me very well. They are a set of podcasts from 160 upto 168 bpm, but split into 10 minute sections. At each 10 minute point you can choose whether to keep running or take a one minute walking break. Each day I set out with a plan in mind, eg 30 minutes today, usually did a bit more and I built it up.

When I had run 160 bpm for the full hour I moved up to 162 (the first time I ran 10 minutes at 160 and let the podcast move onto 162, which worked well)

I have just finished an hour of the 162 twice, although the first time I accidentally started with 164 which was too much for me, although I did manage 8k that day after I switched back to 162.

So my next run I will start 164, probably with a warm up of 10 minutes at 162.


Thanks for sharing your musical search Sue - I am happy with the NHS 5K+casts for the moment, but the Polyrunner casts look interesting as well. It seems very flexible. I like the idea of an optional 1 minute break too! You are an inspiration! I have looked at the bridge to 10k forum as well. Lots of great advice there too.

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Have you looked at the Bridge to 10K forum? Lots of advice there


Thats 'our Laura' encouraging you on😀🏃🏻‍♀️



I am stepping Stones podcasts biggest fan. They kick your butt. Do them all, inside out and back to front

Sami podcasts are ace! There are literally hundreds of original tracks on there! All geared lyrically to help you. I run them all the time, today in fact for a 16 k 🏃‍♀️

Juicy Ju has her own 10k group on here that she coaches so do take a look

She is on the 10k community


Thanks misswobble - I've not tried the Stepping Stones yet, but maybe I will give it a go. 16k - no that is something to strive for!


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