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Mind always on legs when running


Haddo folks,

My mind seems to be on my legs a lot lately, and how much of a pounding they are getting when running and thinking they could do with building up, and it's been bugging me a tad.

Could this just be another mental Gremlin? and should I divert my thoughts onto something else and my pins will strengthen in time with running? If indeed they need strengthening? I have a couple of stone of weight still to come off, maybe that will help...

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Try some other physical activity apart from running to improve your core strength and leg muscles. This could be gym work outs or perhaps cycling or swimming. I've started to learn that running needs more than just running. 😊

jojo57Graduate in reply to AndyD

I do circuits twice a week Andy, is that the kind of activity that supports running or do I need something else?

AndyDGraduate in reply to jojo57

Circuits sound perfect as they will give you a full workout and strengthen muscles other than your legs for running.

Are you joining that gym? Swimming is great for strength and you can also use some of the machines to build strength. If you're not joining the gym you can try squats ar home


Mostly gremlins although as others have said, rounding out your fitness package will help. You could look at having some more Laura time with the 5 week NHS Strength and Flexibility podcasts.

But maybe you are slamming yourself faster than you need to and on hard surfaces?

I find my 10 minutes of gentle yoga every morning has shown me how bodies can feel so different from day to day.


Same here! Since graduating, knees niggle and even had a pain at top of my leg yesterday. I want to b doing 5k X 3 times a week until New Year. If I survive might just think about a 10k plan. Silly old legs, y won't they stop moaning? Should b happy I can run 5k I guess. Also need to lose weight (7-14 lbs now) and weight loss so slow since I started running. My heart n lungs r super!


Make sure you do your quad strengthening exercises. They're essential to protect your knees. Swimming is great cross training (I hate it and NEVER swim) but so is regular walking. Hope you find something that suits you but, if you don't do anything else at all, do those quad exercises :)


I suppose at 60 I should be thankful I can run! Having never running much before. So could be down to lack of muscle use.

I've lost another 2 and a half lbs weight in 2 weeks, so that's coming down.

I will probably join the gym for the leg excercise & swimming, have a free days introductory guest pass to do first in the week.


Yes Joolie, the knees niggle, and so do the hip flexors now and again, think that may also be since I stopped wearing my compression shorts to try out a pair of ordinary running leggings, so may need the support, so will be getting some more compression base layers, think Aldi have some special offers?

So I need to work more on the affected areas....

Thank you all for the advice..😉


My left leg aches/ hurts quite a bit post runs, so much so I limp quite a bit when I walk! I already walk or cycle on non run days, maybe I too should try strengthening exercises, something like squats?

Guess our bodies are bound to complain a little, I know mine has never worked so hard, ever!

davelinksGraduate in reply to Jeleybelly

Yes, my leg muscles ache a little after running for a day or so, think I will defo do some muscle exercises...

Squats are magic, especially if your hip muscles are troublesome. If I do squats, planks and leg raises regularly I run stronger and feel better (note to self: stop lazing by fire and follow own advice!!).

I'd also try running off road. Tarmac and paving slabs are horrible things for joints, and the extra layer of mud is more than compensated for by the improved views!

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