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Bizarre and slightly hilarious running injuries

I have recently sustained two of them, both thanks to my bargain Lidl running hoodie. First was last week when I did the zip all the way up my neck as it was so cold. Came back from my run and - horror! There on the left side of my neck was a horrible scabby red mark where a tiny piece of canvas from the zipper had been sticking out and quietly causing chafage, which of course I hadn't noticed while I'd been running. It really looks like a hickey, which is embarrassing and ridiculous as I'm 44.

And then this morning, as I rather too swiftly pulled the same top off over my head having got in after my run, the toggle from the very same zipper somehow inserted itself rather violently up my right nostril. It really, really hurt and even bled a bit.

Incidentally this morning's run was One Of Those Difficult Ones, every step of the way. But I'm still glad I did it! I did the intervals Speed podcast on Saturday, which was quite hard work, but then carried on running for a grand total of 9K!! (crazy, I know!) I felt good though pretty tired afterwards so perhaps one day's rest wasn't enough.

Am also thinking I should invest in a more expensive and well-made running top...

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That's funny, though not the hurting nostril bit. How you managed to run after doing the speed podcast I have no idea. Well done. Keep the cheaper top and be proud that you got it at a bargain price.


Bad luck! I caught neck skin in my zip a couple of days ago - youch!


My laugh was not mean but in total empathy about doing things like that. I'm a serious clutz


That made me really laugh...wonderful...nothing wrong with Lidl, but perhaps a zip issue!!!


Ouch! Eek! A bloody nose and not even out the door! LOL

I got a range of running tops, cheap as chips, from Aldi. A top for all weathers. I'm sorted without breaking the bank. They seem fine. I'm really chuffed with the sexy compression top I got in pink/purple. Lovely it is.


A hickey and a bloody nose . What next? These things happen in 3'a so watch out!

Thanks for sharing :)


Made me giggle. 44 & a hickey?


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