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Hum-Drum and 30 minutes done

A sneaky morning run today and despite the myriad promises of fine weather this weekend, my running route appears to have missed that memo.

Puffing round was neither spectacular nor easy today although planning to run 30 minutes put me in a more sensible mind set than last time. Despite my best efforts I again managed 4.64km. I even double checked this on a running map website as I thought it was strange to be exactly equal to last time.

I am enjoying the longer runs and have put the bridge to 10k training on hold until my leg stops stiffening up when I slow to a walk on interval training. I had planned to do a parkrun at the end of this month but have trundled along well enough that I am considering doing my first one this Saturday. I would dearly love to beat the 30 minute mark and having noted it is a 3 lap course that might really help me.

I am due to run twice more and am wondering if I should do a 30 minute run and the speed podcast or just two more 30 minute runs. I am tempted to have a rematch with my stepping stone nemesis on Tuesday but am unsure. I shall maybe see how I feel but I am feeling cautiously good about at least giving stepping stone a go.

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Just wanted to cheer you on for your parkrun! All I'd say, is don't overdo it just before the parkrun - I had two rest days before mine, and think it really helped to have not run for a bit before it. Enjoy it anyway! :)


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