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Have I cheated? Week 9 R1 tomorrow

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Well tomorrow sees me start Week 9 R1 but the last week I’ve been concerned and need to ask a question. I know now that in 3 runs time I will be completing runs of 30 minutes as on my last couple of runs I could have run for a few more minutes - who would have thought. However unlike most of you I have done this in 7 weeks and most of this has been done on a treadmill. Not to take an easy option but mainly because I do my training before work so it’s dark and I train alone.In a couple of weeks I’m going to try and change this and get out on the roads at least twice a week

However I’m really nervous in case I can’t do what I’ve been doing on a treadmill . I sort of feel maybe I have cheated by doing it on a treadmill. On the other hand 7 weeks ago I couldn’t run for more than a minute. Although this is a stepping stone to my marathon training in January I really want that first accolade of graduating but only if I’ve earned it.

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Of course you have earned it! Go you 😁

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Don't worry, you've worked your way through C25K and will have graduated once you've completed 3 runs of 30 minutes in one week. Outdoors, treadmill, running around your lounge: it does not matter.

That said, many find the transition from treadmill to outdoors quite hard. This is a combination of weather, needing to set your own pace (rather than the treadmill doing it for you), more unforgiving surfaces and just the whole experience. Once you transition to outdoors, reset your pace/speed assumptions and don't try and run outdoors at the same speed as your treadmill: for a start, your treadmill will be lying. So just because you can run at 6mph on the treadmill (for example), you won't necessarily be running at that speed outdoors. Just run especially slowly to start off, and let your body find its own pace without any gadgets or metrics or expectations.

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KatieBhamGraduate in reply to MarkyD

MarkyD speaks the truth! Your running has been completely legitimate up to now, don't feel like it hasn't, but start slow when you begin your outdoor running. (Speaking from experience) Your feet will be used to the flat, give-y surface of the treadmill, with the ground moving forward on its own without much push-off on your part. If you try to keep the same gait, you may wear yourself out or hurt your joints.

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Yes on completing wk9 you will graduate, you will though I suspect find a difference when you move into the great outdoors though once you settle to it I'm sure you'll enjoy it

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I don't think the treadmill alters time* so... since this isn't a distance programme I can't see how you can have cheated. You are still running with your legs, right? The same amount of time, right?

I reckon when you first go out sans treadmill just have a play, see what it feels like and how you go. Definitely don't compare speed, it just isn't the same.

*although for me treadmill time is SOOO slow a half an hour seems like eternity!!

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Not cheated at all.... :)

It is different.. and that says it all! There is a lot of information to advise on the transition to running outside but basically, on the treadmill, pace, distance and incline is available and adjustable

Inside, you run in a controlled environment. Heading outdoors, there are so many variables, the changing seasons, weather, wind, elevation, and surface type for starters! No outdoor route, even the same route, is ever run in the same way,

If you go out, then start at a pace that is slower than your treadmill runs; you need to get used to the outdoor differences. Be aware of the routes you choose first, and take care.

Once you adjust, you’ll be on your way !

Sounds daunting, but the outdoor runs are amazing... many of us absolutely love them.

Let us know how it goes please?

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Thanks everyone for the replies. At least I can enjoy this week in completing the programme. I have a few days off work week after next so think I will use this to transition from treadmill to outside. Still a bit scary but then so was even starting this programme .

Thanks again

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Great advice from everyone. I will add.....

Just go for it! Running outside in all weathers 🌬🌧🌤☀️, with different scenery 🌲🌷🍂, wildlife 🐏🐄🐿🕊 and terrain 🏞🛣⛱ is exhilarating and interesting. You will love it 😀

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to skysue16

Yeay!! It is brilliant!

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I too run on a treadmill for roughly the same reasons too, outside I have an issue with my pace, I run too fast but I'm working on it. My hotel this week doesn't have a gym so I've just returned from a short jog along Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona.

I'm finding that if I get into the rhythm of count my steps on the treadmill it is helping a little outside.

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I’ve just started week 7 and decided I would like to run outside as I’ve used a treadmill up until now. I did my first outdoor run yesterday morning. I was really nervous and it took me ages to actually get out of the door. I loved being outside as I didn’t get anywhere near as hot as I do in the gym as the time went so quickly. I found it very difficult to pace myself properly and after 5 minutes needed a 30 second walk to get my breath but I kept on plodding lol. One thing I will say is plan your route as I chose a lovely off road route which ended up really muddy in places which meant I had to walk rather than jog at those points. I’m going to repeat the run on the treadmill just because I feel I should complete without walking breaks. I’ve decided I will try and get outside at least one a week maybe using one of the interval runs in week 5/6 until I get used to it. Go for it!

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I tried to run on a treadmill a few weeks ago and found it so much harder.

Love running outside, go for it and enjoy!

Good Luck.

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I ran on the treadmill for the first four weeks - then moved to the great outdoors. It was different - harder to run - there is no forward momentum except yourself, I guess. But much less boring. For one run in week 8 I went back to the treadmill for one run because the weather was so bad - and my goodness, outside is MUCH better.

You haven't cheated - go for it. Good luck! x

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Well I’m please to say I survived. I was a bit slower but ran 2.3 miles in 32 minutes 54 seconds plus I also did my 5 minute warm up/ cool down? a bit longer as I forget to set the C25K to play when I started running. So many apps to set off and my music. Was tougher and the terrain was a bit up and down too. So pleased I got outsideeven though I want looking forward to it. But is reaffirmed my thoughts that I can do this. 2 more runs and I graduate 😀😀😀😀😀🏃🏼‍♀️🏅

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JorussGraduate in reply to Joruss

Must remember to read my post before I post. Dreadful spelling mistakes 😂😂😂😂

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Ps thanks to everyone who replied it really helped x

I'm only on week 6 and running outdoors, frankly anyone getting to week 9 whichever way is an achievement! I wanted to say though I love running outdoors as I'm blessed with a local reservoir which is stunning, so despite the cold etc I'm preferring it to the gym, in nutshell -enjoy the outdoors its fab!

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Definitely not cheated. I'm just one run ahead of you ( smug smile). Its different is all. I started on treadmill. TBH I felt a bit self conscious about running outside. Then when away on business I had my kit with me , no gym in hotel so off I went. It was fine. Have done one gym run since. It was miserable outside and I'd overdone it on a previous run so that was a good confidence builder. Its lovely out but you are definitely not cheating! Have I said that already?

Oldfloss is as usual spot on!

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