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A little about me

Hi there, my name is Sherri and I'm new here and I'm about to finish W1D3 of C25K. A little about myself: I'm a 33 year old wife and stay at home Mom to two beautiful boys (2 & 5).

In the last year I've lost a lot of weight but still have about 45lbs to lose to reach my goal weight. I've been overweight my whole life and never have been able to run and truly doubted I ever would. I first heard of C25K a couple years ago and it intrigued me although I never thought in a million years I would be able to manage it. At the weight I was then I was lucky to run 20 sec without wanting to curl into a fetal position and die. Still, I thought to myself if I could complete a program like that, it would be a true accomplishment.

Now that I've lost weight my body is much more capable of physical exertion and I have some hope that maybe, just maybe I can do this. I know it won't be easy, but possible. I will absolutely astonish myself if I can successfully complete this program.

Tomorrow I should complete week one and I'm excited and kinda scared to see what's ahead. Should be interesting...


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Welcome Sherri.

Congratulations on losing the weight you have so far, and well done for taking the first step on your Couch to 5k journey. There are lots of us on here who never thought they would run, but for one reason and another decided to give it a go. This is my advice (for what it's worth)

1) Stick with the program - it will get you through

2) There is nothing wrong with having to repeat either runs or weeks if you need to

3) Take it slowly - you don't have to run fast and indeed you may never run fast. Go at your own pace and don't judge yourself against others.

4) Buy a sports bra!!

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.



Well done Honey the first step (getting out the door) is the worst and you have managed that one well done:) next keep at it when you feel down excited or just need encouragement just blog we've all been there and share and encourage you very step of the way this program really works good luck and just like caj62 I'll be looking out for your posts x


Well done on getting to the end of week one!

I think Chris covered most advice I would give...

Don't worry if it takes more than 9 weeks to get to the end. It took me 9 months but I got there in the end! A good ports bra is a must especially for the larger lady.

Make yourself go out even on the days you don't feel like it, you will be glad you did.

Use this forum frequently, the others here know exactly what you are going through & are here to support you in the difficult times & celebrate with you on your successes.

When I started this I had not done any aerobic excercise in about 15 years & now less than a year on I have already completed 2 10km races! Stick with it. It works!

Good luck, I look forward to following your blog posts.



Your story sounds like it going to be an inspiration to everyone in that subconsciously you have the will to achieve your dreams which I am naturally assuming are to lose that 45 lbs and become fitter.

My only advice would be:

To understand that the only weakness that we have are our minds, our bodies will always cope and are capable of many challenges!

To get out and enjoy and soak up the pleasure of the nature around you.

Always believe in your self and to listen to your body to avoid injuries.

Best of luck and like the previous posts I will follow your posts with interest.



good luck I am sure you will do it. as others have said stick with the programme it really does work. If you don't feel like it - check out the blog, I find that it helps me to get out of the house. Also, be determined but not too hard on yourself - any run is better that no run.


Thanks everyone for the helpful advice and encouragement! :)


hey sherri

well done on your weight loss..its not easy shedding weight as my better half will testify

keepit up!!



well done , both on the weight loss and the c25k , i have started and stopped the challenge so many times but i always know the support is here when i need , keep logging on we are all her for each other :)))))


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