Oh me of little faith

Yee Haa

W5R3 completed an hour ago. Never in a million years did I think I'd complete a 20 minute run and not be dialling 999.

It's definitely a mental thing this running. The weekly program deals builds up the physical side of things as long as you follow the program.

Off for a nice soak now.

You can do it everyone. Think positive and listen to Laura

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  • Yee haa indeed! It is a fabulous feeling, isn't it? It can be a battle at times, especially if your body aches somewhere but how good do you feel afterwards?!

  • Unbelievable isn't it..?. There you are at the beginning, and now here you are..

    Onwards and upwards...go you!

  • The mental battle is tough at 5/6 weeks but definately does get easier! Well done that runner!🙂

  • Me too! Well done - it is a marvellous feeling, particularly if you are a complete exercise virgin. Don't let week 6 blues hit, remember you did that 20 minutes!

  • 🎼I'm a believer🎶... Great isn't it. Well done you can be very proud of yourself.


  • I start week 5 on Sunday, so this is just the sort of positive reinforcement I need right now - cheers!

    Yee haa! Way to go :D

  • Well done you!! Awesome

  • Well done !!

  • Well done you!!! Wow....Am doing my w5r3 next.... bit apprehensive so will think positive and do my best!!

  • I just did that today too! So amazed. Well done X

  • That's a great run isn't it? I was inspired to start the programme by a friend of mine who wrote a blog about his journey. I remember when he said "well, I can run for 20 mins without stopping now" and I thought, we;ll maybe you can, but I wouldn't be able to....but I could and I can and the programme is brilliant isn't it? Well done you too!

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