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Week 7 run 2


I went out on run 1 feeling a bit sore to start but soon all was going well .. then after about 3 minutes after Laura had told me 12.5 minutes had gone! disaster.. the small sony mp3 I had with me cant fast forward from the start so I carried on running and played the intro 5 min warm up 3 times! so I had more than completed the 25 minutes.

When I got home it was then I decided to make a playlist and use an ipod nano so that this problem could not happen again.

Today I completed the run with my own music playlist which included the intro from Laura which I added it to the start for continuity. It was nice running along knowing when The Fratellis came on that was time to run home and sing along! La la la la. La la la la ha!

Although I did missed the "well done you are did really well" comment at the end but hey ho!

Todays playlist was as follows-

Laura & U2 - Beautiful Day (warm up tune)

Running songs

Cee Lo Green - Forget You

Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend

David Guetta- When Love Takes Over

Sam Sparro - Black And Gold

Example - Kickstarts

Peter Bjorn - Young Folks

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger

The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

Darude - Sandstorm (walk at end)

songs for running were 3+ minutes too long but I thought why not run along with a song you like at the end........ but I am guessing many would say Laura's songs are better! :)

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Love this playlist - I may have to "borrow" it when i'm a bit more advanced (currently a newbie) as i'm not sure I could manage without Laura's words of encouragement :)

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