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Eek Nervous about starting Week 2 tomorrow

Trying to take on as much advice as possible about tomorrow. Normally I get up on a normal work day at 6.30am to take the dogs out but on a running day I get up at 5.50am to run before walking them. Ill try for 5.30am tomorrow (eek) to have something to eat before going out I've been running on an empty stomach. Not sure if this will help? Nervous about the extra time and whether I can do it as although I've done all 8 runs in the 3 runs of Week 1 I did find it hard:( Other newbies seem to have found it easier as the week has gone on so I'm just praying that I can be in that gang tomorrow! Fingers crossed. Happy Thursday everyone and hope you are enjoying the sun! x

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You can do it - just take it slow and dont forget to stretch afterward ;) How are the legs feeling today?


The legs do feel better for an extra rest day. I ran last on Tuesday morning so I gave myself Wednesday and Thursday off and they do feel better. Muscles are not aching but legs are a little tired. I just wanted to find it even a tiny bit easier as the days and weeks go on:( Onwards and upwards. Wow i didnt figure for just how many emotions you go through doing something like this and I've only just started!!! :) Just hope I have a good run tomorrow.


I agree - I cant imagine i'll ever be able to run for 30 mins without stopping or collapsing but as you know this forum will tell you different! That said if someone told me a few weeks back i'd be able to run for 10 mins (ok not all in one go) then i'd of laughed at them! Good luck for tomorrow :)


You will find it easier as the days and weeks go on, honestly - well, sort of! ;) The programme will keep challenging you, keep moving you on - but that's the point. You might still be finding it hard, but you'll be able to look back and see how what's hard at, say, week 4 would have been impossible at week 1. And you'll find yourself enjoying moments of a run, thinking 'this is great, I can do this!'. And then later on you'll find yourself enjoying a whole run, start to finish. And yes, there'll be some that you'll hate from start to finish, and have to push yourself to keep going against all the mental and physical blocks :o - but you'll be able to do it, and the feeling of achievement from that is pretty good too ;)

You're doing great - enjoy yourself tomorrow! :)


Thank you so much for that:) You are right, I have to put it in perspective but as I havent done that many yet, I cant yet saying even though this bit was hard, I would never have managed that in week 1......hopefully in a few weeks time I will look back and see what I have achieved. I have to take the little achievements though too. A week ago I would never have thought I would have done 3 runs in a week!! Thank you for you kind words. x


Can you take the dogs on the run with you?

On a work day I get up at 5am, have some water, feed the dog and the cat and then go for my run before breakfast. Never had a problem running on empty! My dog seems to love the run, although more of a trot for the dog at the moment and it wears her out for the rest of the day.

When I get back I make a smoothie type drink with banana, strawberries or raspberries, yoghurt, milk, oats and thats my breakfast. I drink it while I am stretching before getting in the shower and off out to work for 7am.

I do run on the weekend as well much later in the morning but tbh I much prefer the early morning runs and the solitude it brings. My life is so hectic and this is the only 'me' time I get.

Did run 3 of week 6 this morning and did my 25 mins, so I am well chuffed. Still slower than a tortoise but will work on speed after graduation.

Good Luck x


My boys would stop and sniff every corner, lampost and blade of grass so its a no no:) They are content with a half an hour in the morning and when I get home as I have a dog walker while I'm at work who wears them out for me! Plus the pug Charlie is a small dog who thinks hes a bull mastiff and tries to 'take on' most dogs who are on his territory so it would be very hard to run with them anywhere ! but thank you for replying. Im going to have a little snack, then head out and come back and have my banana smoothie and shower and work. Eek!


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