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Nervous about starting Week 2


I have done the three runs in W1 and ran again last night which should have been W2R1 but I'm really nervous about doing it so re-did W1R3 again. Silly, I know, but I keep thinking constantly "what if I can't do it?" Logic tells me that the only way to find out is to try it and see - it will go one way or the other - but I'm really hesitant. I have read posts on here in the past about people saying the exact same thing and they have been told to have faith in Laura and perhaps I'm ready for the next step but I just don't realise it. Still scared though - perhaps its the stepping out of my comfort zone that is freaking me out - that sounds really daft doesn't it??? Is it just me that thinks I'm bonkers or do others agree???

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Why not just go and try running for 90 secs, to see if you can? You can even go with the podcast and everything, and just tell yourself it's an experiment, and if you can't, then you're running W1… You've nothing to lose except a small dose of pride and a state of unfitness, and a great deal to gain. Just go for it! And good luck.

I'm sure I'll be ok doing a 90 second run, its 8 x 90 second runs that I'm apprehensive of!! I know that the only way to find out is to actually do it and I don't want to miss out days and then lose where I am, I just keep finding ways to put it off!!! x


I'm just got one more week 3 run and believe me well all get nervous about moving up a level but we surprise ourselves! Good luck and go for it! :-)


Hi Lorraine, I have good news for you.... :-)

In W2 Laura is massively mean and makes you run for 90 seconds.... but as well as allowing you to recover for 2 minutes between runs, you only have to do 6 of them. So last week you ran for 8x1m (total 8 minutes) and this week you'll run for 6x1.5 minutes (total 9 minutes). I think you could agree that you can do that extra one minute if you look at it like that.

It's you, Laura and the great outdoors. Go for W2r1 and see how you get on... I don't think Laura will notice if you slow down to a brisk walk a few seconds before the 90 seconds are up.

I'm of course speaking as an expert, sat here in my running clothes looking at the rain :-( I have been looking forward to W2r3 all morning and now keep putting it off.

Oh wow, do you know what, this may sound really silly but that has made a massive difference. I know I can do 90 seconds but didn't know if I could recover my breathing in the walking part (of which I thought was 90 seconds) in time to do a further 7 reps of 90 seconds. The fact that there is 2 minutes in between and then only 6 runs in total makes me feel like i've won a Brucey Bonus. I reckon I can do that. And now my turn to help you MarkyD, I went out yesterday after work, it was a bit grey but ok, on run 3 it started to rain and it actually made it easier. Don't know if it was because I was cooler or just coz I felt like an "athlete!!!" but I managed fine and was chuffed to bits with myself. There is something to be said for having the fresh rain on your face. Now I just sound weird and would have frightened young children and the elderly if my mascara had run!!! Let us know how you get on :-)


If you can do r3 of week 1 you are definitely ready to move forward Lorraine. We've all felt scared at some stage but the programme is tried and tested and Laura only asks you to do what you have built up to. Don't worry, have trust. If at first you can't do it - just try again. You'll get there!


Honestly, you will be ready if you have done the W1 runs. I approached every new week with the 'What if I can't' attitude but guess what....I COULD. I am sure you CAN too but you'll never know unless you give it a try....GO for it !!


You CAN do it and you'll be fine! :-) The programme is full of surprises; it's easy to look at a run and think "I can't do that!" but it's all so achievable and designed to progress you nicely. Give it a go and remember to tell yourself that you CAN do it, because you CAN: you just don't know it yet!

You can do it.

The structure of the programme is designed to ensure you succeed and you will.

Good luck.


You've done W1, that is great. To be honest unless you really struggled to W1, you are ready for W2. And as MarkyD says below, it's not 8 repetitions. I think, if I remember correctly, each podcast is about 30 minutes, it is just the walk-run split that changes.

Don't worry about feeling the way you do. Half the battle with doing this is having the faith in the program (which does work), and overcoming your own mental hurdles.

Keep at it, and give it a go. :-)

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