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Getting ahead of myself!


This blogging lark is useful in lots of ways, one of them being realising you're still on week 3! Whoops, would have started week 4 on my next outing. Anyway it's a hot one today and I was gasping for air at the end of the three minutes today. Felt good at the same time though as after doing my usual abs(problem area) when I got home, felt like I 'd had a proper workout. My legs are feeling it more and more, but in a good way. Glad the foam rolling's done, have a feeling it's going to be tender for a few more sessions yet :(

Anyway feel just ggggrrrrreeeeaaatttt, hope every one else is enjoying their sunny runs?


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Hey - you sound just like Tony the Tiger (from the Kellogs Frosties adverts)

Isn't the programme great? It's still cold up here in Scotland - 9 degrees rather than the 23 or so down south today? But it just encourages us to run a little further or faster (:->)

Keep up the good work. Week four will be with you soon ...


It felt quite warm this morning - i think it was actually only around 14C but that is so much warmer than recently that it felt like a sauna! Good luck with your next runs - you will get to Week 4 very soon :D


23° here :-D

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