Husband sabotaging my runs!

After years of being over weight I have finally managed to get of my bum and do something about it. Im now running/ jogging 4 times a week and 1 and a half stone lighter however my husband is hampering my jogging with excuses like I'm waking him up too early when I go for my jog, or telling me Im going to get an injury soon if I dont take a few days off and jogging is a waste of 40 mins! Yet I feel so good. Any one else have the same problem?


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10 Replies

  • Tell him to ********* ** ***** ** *** ***** and then ******* *** *** **** before he **** ***** **** and after that to **** ******* ** * ***** off!

    You keep going. Nuff said....

  • Keep up your running if you enjoy it and its helped with your fab weight loss keep it up! My husband never moans about my running butsometimes his face does when i leave to run just as he comes in the door on a friday and our two little ones are excited to see him ha ha but it doesnt put me off as its only 40 mins! Good luck and keep it up msybe one day he will want to come with you x kate x

  • After a life of doing what other people wanted me to do (that was the way I was brought up) I achieved something for myself despite the rest of the world.

    And it feels great!

    Maybe your hubby feels a little bit threatened by these changes in you, and is reacting to that? I think that's quite common. But I would suggest trying to talk it through. If he has any love or respect for you, he'll see how important it is to you and those negatives might turn to acceptance or even support.

    Whatever the outcome, be true to yourself. You can achieve incredible things. You've already achieved a lot, and probably now believe that you can do much, much more!

  • This is quite a common reaction when a loved one chooses to change or improve themselves. They feel threatened or it makes them feel guilty about their own laziness/unhealthy habits.

    He may be saying these things without thinking and doesn't realise that they are hurtful/annoying. Maybe next time tell him you don't appreciate the comments and you're doing it because it makes you happy and you want to be healthy. I'm sure you also want to live as long a life as possible with your husband and being healthy is part of that. Making him realise this might change his attitude.

    At the end of the day you need to do what makes you happy and if you stick at it I'm sure your husband will come round and might even want to join you!

  • Keep it going! maybe he's just jealous of how well you've done and doing something for yourself!

    I know my husband always takes the mickey about my running but he's spent £100's on running gear and has never even set foot out of the front door!!

  • What danzargo said!

  • You go girl!

    Sometimes us blokes are eejits :P

  • Just make sure than you make plenty of noise & clatter while you're putting your running gear on whilst he's still sleeping - put your tunes on nice and loud and close the door with a firm slam behind you ...... and if he's not awake before you go out - make sure you ring the doorbell when you get back to get his lazy butt out of bed too.

  • Ask him if he has a better idea for losing weight and feeling great,that will only take 40mins and not interfere with his beauty sleep. The if that fails.........What danzargo said!

  • Keep running!!! My husband is the same, when I talk to him seriously he says you know I don't mean it but still he laughs and criticises me. Now I just think have your laugh I am getting fit whether you like it or not!!

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