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Running with a very fit husband!!!

Felt brave and decided to do W6R3 in the company of my ridiculously fit and athletic husband.

It all went fine and I managed my 25 minutes, but I am sooooo sloooooow. He bounced around me like an enthusiastic puppy, ran ahead, walked beside and then after 20 minutes decided to do a mega sprint across this big field. I felt rather demoralised, although he was very sweet and said 'I am here for company not competition'. It was when he said that the gentle jogging had warmed him up nicely for the sprint I got a bit sniffy - gentle jogging! that was my 25 minute effort. Still we had a nice time and found a lovely new place to run.

Onward and upwards to week 7.....

Any suggestions on speeding my pace up?

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Aww! That would have been very hard for me. I can't even run alongside someone doing the same pace as me. If I spot any other runners I sometimes even change my route if I'm worried their pace will put me off.

Don't worry about your pace would be my advice. Your pace comes in time, after you get the stamina to go for the time/distance. You can do things to increase your speed afterwards.

Everyone runs at different paces anyway, everyone has different leg lengths etc. Don't be hard on yourself! You're doing great - 25 minutes is amazing. Remember what you've come from and imagine how far you will get if you keep going.

Good luck x


Aaah you can't have been married for very long, I'd have told him to bu??er off home and make the lunch/tea for you coming in ;) Well done on even going out with your lovely fit hubby though, that takes courage. Don't worry about your speed most of us have found that once we reach graduation that the speed is something we can then work on. Just enjoy your programme and concentrate on being able to run without stopping for 30 minutes first. :)


Ditto what Oldgirl said. I sometimes run with my son and I always tell him to go off and leave me if he wants to go faster. He never does, bless him, but he did run slightly ahead a couple of times on our last run and it made me feel weak. Well done for taking such an enthusiastic hubby with you! ;)


'fit and athletic husband' ....lucky you :D


I run with My Ridiculously Old husband But bless him he did every podcast with me and while I sat in the car and had my water and banana ,off he went again and did the course again at his speed.We are 73 & 72 :D :D


It's wonderful to hear you've got such a supportive husband! And well done for completing the 25mins :)

Running with my partner has really helped me improve my first I was just running blindly with no idea about pace or distance or anything, but my partner is more technical and uses Runkeeper to time our runs and help keep me at a consistent pace...I've learned it's more about being consistent than anything sometimes I feel like I'm running slowly but actually, I'm conserving energy for the rest of the run! Good luck.


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