Gutted iv a tear in my calf muscle

I started c25k just after christmas and was very pleased when i completed 9 weeks i have managed to keep up the jogging 3 to 4 times aweek the longest iv ever lasted, while jogging on monday felt better than i normally do until 3/4 of the way my calf suddenly tightened so i walked home hour or so later climbing stairs felt a twang been limping since hoping it wont be too long before i can get jogging again dont want to be back to week one

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  • go away

  • You've heard about RICE (rest ice compression and elevation)?

    I'd give it a week or two to mend and then start back gently or it will go again, and again (guess how I know this).

    When you feel ready to start back, start with intervals. I found that my calf could handle multiple short intervals but not a long continuous run. you can aim to keep the total running time the same but chop it up with 1 min walks to give your mending calf a chance.

    If you feel the slightest twinge STOP RUNNING before it tears again and have a few days rest from running.

    I'll be listening to my own advice this time around. My calf packed up W6r1, then W6 r3 2 weeks later. Today I just finished w1r3 ..

  • thanks for the advice will try it

  • OUCH! Sounds painful. Look after yourself and don't run again until you feel ready.

  • I ripped my calf 18 months ago teaching a dance class and I heard and felt it go. I stupidly carried on teaching from a chair with an ice pack instead of putting myself first and going to A&E!!! (We had a show coming up.) I could not walk at all for 4 days - literally crawling on all fours - and it was a good 2 weeks before I could walk again properly. It's taken this long to build my muscle back up; it had a huge dent in it from the tear.

    You don't mention going to see a Dr or visiting A&E so if you haven't, please do! A proper diagnosis and clear rehabilitation instructions are so important.

  • seeing physiotherapist going for treatment and exercise plan mine is no way as bad as yours was hope your doing ok now

  • Oh dear, that sounds so painful! Isn't it frightening, then things that can happen when we try to get fit! I started to get sore knees in W6 when the runs became longer and today I did a Parkrun amd my knees feel the worst ever! I hope you can be patient and hope you get better soon!

  • iv had lots of aches and pains since starting, my physio has given me exercise plan to strengthen hips and knees while calf recovers

  • Sounds like you have a good physio!

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