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Week 7 R 2 - Barely completed

Hi... Last 3 runs ( including today morning) of 25 min each... Feeling quite good for coming this far, but today morning, felt bit 'bored' and 'tired' within 2 minutes... I so wish to progress to 5 k and even to 10 k in next few months, but don't know how to sustain the momentum. Finished the run today , but did not experience the 'Aha' moment..

Any ideas .... also on improving speed ( I think I am getting 3.2-3.4 k in 25 min)

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I know what you mean about the bored thing - kind of here we go again. I try to think of all the good it is doing me and I am losing a bit of weight. I also find putting your own music on helps enormously. I also try to choose very scenic routes - so that I can look around and appreciate that. This morning two collies at it with abandon - and that really amused me!

I gather intervals are the thing to improve speed - I just can't face them right now - too big and lumpy. I accidentally flipped onto to the c25k + community site - seemed to be lots of (scary) advice about improving speed and distance...

But I am totally impressed with your progress - 25 mins running feels light years away - but it is only two weeks away for me- and there I was fantasying about a 10k!!

Happy running.xx


Thank you. Appreciate your thoughts. Will try out with own music, but to be honest, I kind of love that helpful voice from Laura in the podcast. When she says, don't stop now.. I don't :-)


I know - I have my first 20 mins coming up this weekend - fear I will slack off without laura encouraging me onwards...


Wish you all the best. You will do it... just take it easy in first 5 minutes...


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