W9R3 Jonut GRADUATE! A tale of two ladies.... (Please read if you are new to Couch to 5K)

Picture the scene...

Sunday 24 February 10am: A quite hungover Woman A is having a greasy breakfast with two friends, after a night out on the wine. "So are you really going to start this running thing this morning?" They say with a bit of a laugh. After all this is not like Woman A at all. Running? We'll see how long this lasts, if it starts at all! After they have gone, Woman A rummages around in her wardrobe and finds an old pair of trainers and some gym gear she bought for a short stint at the gym about 12 years ago. I am going to start this! she thinks. I have lost weight and this is the next step! But she knows she is so unfit this is going to be hard. But the hardest bit is getting out the front door they say. So tentatively out she goes, hoping none of the neighbours will see. She has her husband's ancient iPod, just in case she drops it. Huff puff she goes, running for 1 minute is very tough! Her nose is running, she feels sick, was it the wine last night? Or the bacons and egg? Plus her pants are going up her bum and her jogging bottoms are falling down. And it is hilly. And it is muddy. She can't even manage to do some of the 1 minute runs properly. At home she collapses beetroot-like onto the sofa. This is going to take forever she thinks, I will have to repeat week 1 half a dozen times!

Picture the scene...

Tuesday 30 April 5.50am: Woman B's alarm clock goes off. She gets out of bed straight away because she's awake already. In fact she's been awake for ages, excited about this morning's run. She goes to the bathroom where her matching Karrimor running gear is laid out neatly reading for her. She gets dressed, puts on her stopwatch, moisturises, goes downstairs, has a drink of water, turns on her iPhone and goes to her bespoke running playlist (all her inspirational running tunes), sets up her Strava, clips it into her armband, folds up a tissue and tucks it into her tights, and goes out the door, locking it with her special running key that slips neatly into her tiny running tights pocket. Perfect running conditions! she thinks, lovely and cold, but sunny too (that's ok as she is wearing her special running glasses). She does her 5 minute walk and then starts her Strava and off she goes, not fast but very steady, on her favourite running route (flat, smooth, not many roads to cross) in the sunshine, pass the fields, says hello to a duck in the stream and a couple of other joggers, waving thanks to cars who pause to let her cross some roads. When she feels tired she slows down a bit, no need to stop, just take it steady. 36 minutes and 5K later she's done. She smiles and walks the 5 minutes home.

Woman A and Woman B are of course the same woman: me, Jonut. And I am proof that if I can do it, anyone can!

Thank you Laura, thank you all the lovely people on this forum who have given me so many tips and support, most of the things Woman B does are because of you!


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40 Replies

  • well done :)

  • Oh my, what a wonderful blog. :) :) A million congratulations for your graduation on this beautiful day of days!

    Great before and after reflections which echo the experiences of so many C25Kers! ;)

    Enjoy some well-earned celebrations ... How about bacon and eggs with those doubting pals of yours? :D

    Keep on blogging and let us know how your post grad plans develop. Cheers to the NEW woman! Linda x

  • Congratulations on your graduation! Your blog spurs me on!

  • Hi and many congratulations!! What a really encouraging blog! Woman A is about where I am at the mo, started week 2 on Sunday, couldn't believe how much difference another 30 secs running makes! But reading your message gives me the encouragement to carry on and who knows maybe I'll be like woman B soon too! Well done and keep at it!!

    Jax1970 x

  • Wonderful blog - i'm currently Woman A hoping to one day be Woman B! :)

  • Congratulations Jonut, woman B... get your badge now to show with pride! :-)

    Lovely blog, it will ring bells for almost everyone who is following this journey, it certainly did for me! Fantastic time for your 5k too! :-)

  • Congratulation on your graduation. Don't forget to put in for your badge. :-)

    Fabulous blog, made me smile all the way through. :-) So what is your next plan?

  • Plan is to keep doing 5K during my Tuesday and Thursday runs, and try to get a bit quicker, and then try to stretch out my Sunday runs to a longer distance. Might think about doing Bridge to 10K perhaps?

  • Brilliant blog! And congratulations!!Had a very similar experience of the program, so I know what an achievement and great feeling it is!

    What's on your playlist? I'm looking to refresh mine and always looking for ideas

  • Have just put up a new blog with my playlist on. WARNING you might hate all of it!!

  • Well done you! Love this post, very inspirational.xx

  • A fabulous blog Jonut! I think all graduates, male or female, can relate to both A & B!!

    Congratulations on your graduation and enjoy celebrating your marvelous achievement!

    Welcome to the Grad Club!

    Sue :)

  • Brilliant. Just brilliant :-)

  • Congratulation Jonut! Brilliant blog. It's amazing what a difference just a few weeks can make to our lives. I'm due for my W9 R3 tomorrow. Love your shiny green Graduate badge. Claire. X

  • Fingers crossed for a great W9R3 for you! X

  • Fantastic! Many congratulations, look forward to hearing more of your running adventures!

  • Woop woop my green badge has appeared!!

  • Brilliant!! well done, and just what I needed to read as I set out tonight on my first run of week 9!! Bet Woman B is smiling Widly to Woman A x

  • Fantastic! Brilliant blog. I (and I'm sure many others) can certainly relate to your transformation! It's life changing stuff :) Really well done graduate!

  • Thanks for this great blog. I'm on week 4 and look forward to being woman B.

  • Congratulations!!! lovely blog we can all relate to....well done!!!

  • Brilliant blog - and massive congratulations! :D

  • Inspiring blog, love your reflecting!

  • Haha, fantastic. What a difference 9 weeks makes! :)

  • Woo-hoo! Congratulations on your graduation! And what a fantastic blog - I'm sure many people on here will relate to it and be inspired by it. You are amazing :)

  • Oh, brought a tear to my eye! Congratulations WONDERwoman xxxx

  • Ha ha, Wonderwoman was my idol when I was little, I wanted to be her (still do if truth be told)...

  • A fantastic blog for all newbies and a good reminder for all us graduates.....that is where most of us started. Really well done for graduating and enjoy your success :-D

  • Thank you, I will!

  • great blog. Well done you. Hope one day i can write the same. :-D

  • You will!!

  • Congratulations - and a badge already! :D

    What a really lovely blog - gave me such a big smile - and a tear in my eye too. What a transformation! Fantastic. :)

  • Thank you!

  • Wow! Very inspirational! Though I'm never going to do the early run thing- definitely an evening person! ??

  • I'm the opposite. If it were down to evenings I would never have done it - after work, sorting son out for bed, dinner, etc... Would never have had the motivation to leave the house again to go for a run!

  • So very very pleased for you excellent work

  • Thank you x

  • Ps how did you get your badge I'm still waiting

  • Well done :D

  • Well done :D

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