Who else runs with their dog?

Inspired by watching Crufts I wanted to ask who else has a dog for a running buddy? My eleven year old Welsh Sheepdog Cadno's (so what if I stole her name for blogging?) expectant face in the mornings has been one of the great motivators so far. She is so good off the lead that she just trots at my side (in fact sometimes when I feel like I'm running fast she still looks like she's trotting along at the same pace) and stops at roads for my command. Who else is finding that their dog is enjoying the plan as much (if not more) than they are?


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44 Replies

  • The same here. I am still trying to tire out Buddy. I will start week 7 next week and so far he is just trotting along. He is hoping for me to speed up but he will have to wait a few more weeks for that. He comes out almost to every run but s ometimes I enjoy the alone time and he will stay at home.

  • What type of dog is Buddy?

  • He is a real mud, we don't really know, when we adopted him nobody could tell us, so we did a DNA test with him. Yes sounds stupid but we were curious, when we received the results, the list of dog breeds did not seem to stop. His mainly DNA shows a British Coonhound and several other dog DNA :-) I will try to upload a pic later, maybe somebody can tell. He is the most friendliest dog out there, he loves kids, cats and any other dog, he just wants to play with everybody ;-)

  • I would love to run with Fred, but unfortunately he's got short legs and only half a brain! He 'needs' (so he says) to stop and sniff at each and every tuft of grass/lamppost/gate/anything when on a lead and managed to run off 3 times today (so I had to stop and call/go back and collect him) on his long walk.

    Also, he's only 6 and already had one knee repair, I don't particularly want to wreck his other one.

  • Sorry to hear about Fred's knee. It does sound sensible that he stays at home when you run.

  • I too stole our dogs name for blogging - Poppy is 37kg's of stupid bullmastiff x gsd with no spatial awareness and an absolute ball obsession; I (all 17 stone+ of me) have been knocked off my feet twice by her setting off at full speed to where she thinks her ball may go (when daughter was throwing it) so have a dodgy left knee due to her, but that won't stop my running progress!

    She comes to the park when I am with the daughters and grandson, I run off with Laura for company; Poppy tends to run towards me, stop and look quizzically then gives up as I don't have her ball, so why am I running! If I do a round route in the park back to her, the daughters and grandson I can guarantee she will greet me with a slobbery kiss and jumping up with muddy paws up to my chest, lovely! :-)

    If I ever have another dog hopefully it will be one I can run with! :-)

  • Poppy sounds like a right character. :)

  • That's one way of putting it.. she wears a muzzle in the car as she chomped through three seatbelts; replaced the sky remote about 5 times, she attacked my feather pillow so my room looked like a snow storm then two weeks later a sheepskin cushion that had been a present from Australia was her target, again feathers everywhere! she tries to put on an innocent face, but then remembers she's been naughty so slinks away from the door on her belly, that's how we know to look for destruction! But we love her, she is 3 now so hopefully growing out of it! Ha ha ! :-)

  • :) awesome

  • Ooh, I will watch this thread with interest, I am currently in the process of talking my DH into getting a dog and 'jogging partner' is high on my list of criteria. That's if I ever graduate, it's been one thing after another since I started C25K :(

  • Do it...dog's are awesome.. You will graduate, they are just hiccups you're obviously still going which is the most important thing!

  • *dogs even...bad use of apostrophe!

  • I have a lurcher, Toffee, (greyhound/border collie cross) and we have to keep her on her lead when running locally (as she runs off crossing roads etc to chase things) She was fine for the first few weeks, but we did notice that after the longer runs (20mins+) she was exhausted for the evening and next day (she is over 10 now) so we now leaver her at home. It is so much easier without her. If we could have run without her on her lead it would have been good ... but she is a naughty girl :)

  • I love lurchers, I imagine the sight hound half can make for a distracted running mate though. Although, good rabbitters!

  • I also have a lurcher. His walking speed is my running speed, his running speed can only be bettered by Superman. I'd love to take him with me but his insistence on stopping to sniff on something every ten feet and then wee on it may hamper my progress,,,,,

  • ha ha ha, maybe that is the difference with having a girl dog, not so interested in all the fascinating smells. It might be worth giving it a go as sniffing is less compelling when on a mission and perhaps the warm up walk will give him time to do a little sniffing :)

  • I have a 7yr old Jack Russell and a 16wk of Jack/Schnauzer cross. I've just started Wk 6 and having the dogs along is fantastic. Pip (the puppy) runs between my partner and I as we run encouraging us both to try and keep up with her! The Jack Burghley, just does his own thing and rounds us up if we get to far apart. I'm away with work today and I really missed them, they defiantly keep me going

  • Fabulous. It is amazing how they come to colonise your heart :)

  • I have a parson russell terrier called Ellie and as I am not confident yet on running alone I run with her. This way it looks as if I'm out giving my dog a little joggle! I have to keep her on a lead because if she sees a bird,squirrel,cat etc she would be gone! I actually can't wait to dump her as she runs way too fast for me!!

  • So it is not just the farts but also the jogging you get to blame on the dog...? :)

  • I run with our alsation/collie cross. I say run; I do my best, he just ambles alongside...! He's getting on a bit now, at very nearly 10 years old, but loves coming out with me. Mostly he's well-behaved on the lead, but when the weather's been good for a few days we get to go round the fields, so I let him loose. What a happy puppy! :)

    I've never been one for small dogs, but now I can quite see the attraction in a running partner who's having to put in as much effort as I am! ;)

  • Yes but he has four legs so don't let it get you down. I like your thinking though, perhaps I will borrow a small dog from a friend to see if it makes me feel like I'm running faster.

  • My running partner is our Hungarian Vizsla. She is mad, but very loyal. We run in the hills, so she has freedom to go where she wants. However, she always stays close, and I watch her both have fun and also as an alert that other people are approaching or are behind me. She smells them way before I have any idea there is anyone there, so is great for making me feel a bit safer. She is always checking to see if I'm still there, and to wait for me if she is unsure which way we are going. All in all, a 100% running partner.

    ps she has unlimited energy, I expect she could run a marathon!

  • Such a lovely breed. She sounds like a great running buddy and bodyguard :)

  • I run with my nearly 3-year old hound/Australian shepherd mix daily. I'm not doing C25k, but I find this site has some very good support and information about running. She's perfect for 5k's, very happy and energetic, but on the 10k's she starts to tire out in the last 2 km. She stops to sniff everything all the time, however. We live in the city so I can't allow her off-lead, and this usually ends up with me being ripped backward every few minutes. It's worth it to see her tail wagging in front of me though, good motivation when I feel I can't keep going.

  • That is worth bearing in mind (if I ever get to 10k level!) The Australian Shepherd I saw on Crufts has made me seriously consider it as a breed for our next dog although not sure how Cadi would cope with sharing her family :)

  • One you begin doing consistent 5k's, a 10k is suddenly much more feasible. I used to own a collie and he simply radiated athleticism, so I absolutely adore herding breeds (they are incredibly intelligent, too). My current dog, Pepper, is a rescue, so of course not pure bred, but she might be even more athletic than he was. The only difference is that she can't focus to save her life and it causes her to expend energy more quickly. It must be the Plott hound in her that does it because our collie was always so focused. Her enthusiasm makes up for it most of the time though. And I already know if I got a second dog she would never forgive me, but I would probably get another herding breed or mix. I'm just in love with them :)

  • For possible future running with dogs how about this cani-cross.co.uk/

  • Amazing and they have events near home (which is pretty rare for anything that looks cool and modern)...I shall consider entering once I graduate....

  • I always run with my collie Nell who is a failed working dog! We say that she was too clever for farmwork. She is great off lead, and usually trots a yard or two in front when out for a run. We taught her 'off the road' as a command when a car comes and now she knows to get on the verge when she hears a car without being told which is handy when I have my headphones in! I live in the sticks so she is my only running buddy and is always keen to go out.

  • I take my Patterdale, she LOVES it. I do have to stop to poop a scoop, but hey! My partner encouraged me to take her (for protection-joke!) as I run in the evenings, I was reluctant at first as she usually has her own agenda when walking. But when running she's fab, I'm sure I can see her smiling! I'm injured at the mo (see my pitiful blog), so she is sulking and refusing to get out of her basket this morning.

  • I take my Patterdale, she LOVES it. I do have to stop to poop a scoop, but hey! My partner encouraged me to take her (for protection-joke!) as I run in the evenings, I was reluctant at first as she usually has her own agenda when walking. But when running she's fab, I'm sure I can see her smiling! I'm injured at the mo (see my pitiful blog), so she is sulking and refusing to get out of her basket this morning.

  • Oops posted this twice..... What a Luddite!

  • Yes, I had to stop to scoop a very soggy poop this morning which isn't so cool first thing. I also have the soppiest 'protector' possible but apparently just having a dog with you is a deterrent to potential attackers, so just by being there she is probably some help. I saw the pic of your patterdale in her basket, she is very cute. Doggy running buddies for the win (as the young people say).

  • It's not much fun running with a full bag looking for a bin is it?

  • Ive got a retired greyhound and when i first started couch to 5k it was my intention to be able to take him with me for runs. Harry has other ideas however! He likes to run for a minute or two and then just wants to stop and sniff all the time! Actually, I say run but he's got such long legs he just trots along next to me! He says his racing days are over thank you very much but he does like to have a couple of minutes run at the end of his walk.

  • I run with Murphy a 2 year old black labrador. No mattter how far I run, this dog does not rest afterwards, he has boundless energy and only sleeps like a log at night.

    the good thing he is not interested in other dogs at all, when he is out for a run. Occasionally has a sniff or two but can still catch up as well.

    I also take a 2 year old yellow labrador Amber on runs, off the lead and, round the circumference of a football pitch, but she is lazy and clever and walks diagonally across the pitch to catch up as I go round !!!

  • My dog doesn't like to admit she is a dog (typical collie) so has little interest in other dogs when we are out too.

    Love, Amber's tactics.

  • Yay! More dog/human running partnerships! I run with two collies and a greyhound and we love it. We do cani-cross as well - great fun.

  • I run with Baxter, my border terrorist 2 year old pup. He requires a lot of exercise so he could do 6 runs a day. I attach his lead to a belt so my arms are free to run easily. He is a terror off the lead and with other animals but is a great motivator. He sets the pace (or drags me) initially but we get into a good stride eventually. I love the looks I get off people when we go out, usually at 5 pm after work - folk sat in traffic watching with grins. We start week 4 tomorrow.

  • I run with Cassie- but now with week 5 she runs back into the house when we pass it for the secnd time and waits in the warm LOL

  • I run with my border collie, she pretty much stops, sniffs and wees every second I am brisk walking. When I run she trots next to me. She loves other dogs so everybody on our run now knows her name ask am calling her constantly as she runs on ahead for a sniff.I am about to start week 4. I am a bit nervous about it. Haven't lost an inch since starting but the dog is slimming down nicely, the competition is on.

    She is great company and she would eat anyone that seemed to be a threat to me.

    It is lovely to see her so happy

  • I run with my collie X. She loves it and as I run mostly off road she's usually off lead. Luckily she's usually well behaved.

    I did once have a memorable encounter with another person's dog ( a dippy red setter) that we passed. The owner was sat talking on her mobile and not paying attention. Our dogs met, said hello, tail wagging & mutual sniffing over, my dog carried on ahead of me as usual. the setter went back towards her owner, then suddenly changed it's mind and decided to chase my dog instead. trouble is, it ran straight into my legs, I went a**e over t*t, and smashed my teeth into it's backbone on the way down!

    The poor dog ran off yelping, probably thinking I'd bitten it on purpose, I sat there with a bloody nose and busted lip, checking my teeth were still in place, and the owner never batted an eyelid! My dog just came trotting back to see what was taking me so long!

    Luckily, I was running on a track with heather either side to break my fall or it would have been worse.

    The joys of other people's dogs!!

  • I take my black lab, Nala (stole her name). She is nearly a year, and she is on an extending lead, so trots along quite happily! I have only just started, so the excersise is okay for her young bones! I can't let her off, as she is straight over to the nearest dog, begging them to play! I am interested in starting canicross when she is a bit older, and I'm a bit fitter!

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