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Getting started

Ok so I've been looking in to this fir a few weeks now and gave gone on a couple of 5k Walks to start with.

My question is did any of you have to repeat W1R1 a lot? I have a feeling I will have to as I am so unfit and overweight. There is no way I can run for 60 seconds once let alone several times!!!

Also, I'm having Programmesblend downloading the podcasts both on the computer and my android phone so any help there will be great :-)

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Welcome to Couch to 5k, and the most supportive online community you will ever find! I can't help with the technical issues, but it took me 50 runs to graduate, not 27, because I repeated runs and sometimes entire weeks until I felt comfortable to move on. The very best two pieces of advice I can give you are 1) make sure you have the right shoes, possibly going for gait anaylsis, and 2) take it slowly. However slowly you think you are running, slow down if necessary! The programme does work. I'm still 5 stone overweight, am 50 this year and I can run 5k - not in 30 minutes, but that doesn't matter. I have totally changed my attitude to life and to fitness, and it's all thanks to this programme and all the wonderful people on this community. Good luck - let us know how you get on!


I did the same as Anniemurph. I've repeated most weeks. Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy it! Good luck! x


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