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Finally made it!

Four weeks after graduating I've finally done 5k. Or at least, I hope to have done 5 k but run keeper has gone batchy on me and declares I have run 7.48 miles in 42 minutes. The 42 minutes is accurate but the 7.48 miles, I don't think so. The same run keeper had my walk to a bar on Friday as 4.17 miles when it is a leisurely 25 minutes stroll.

However, given I was at 2.6 miles in 33 minutes last week, I must have finally broken the 5 k barrier. And I enjoyed it! And it was very windy! Having Stevie Wonder on my playlist really helps at the end.

I'm a very happy and sweaty person today.

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Woohoo well done you! :) :)

That's my first post-grad plan too, hope I can make it in four weeks. Terrific, Linda x


If I can, you will - honest. I spent 3 or 4 outings really struggling though. I gave up during two of them but the past two runs have been fine and I'm bubbling with enthusiasm again. Love it!


Fantastic Sadie - well done! 42 minutes is a massive achievement, and I'm sure you've broken the 5k! Can you use mapmyrun to work it out? May not be strictly accurate but should give you an idea.


I haven't managed to suss out mapmyrun yet....I'm relying on the fact that I ran zig zags all over the place and for an extra 1and a half times round the park as a finisher. Still very happy!


Is there a lot of tree coverage? That can affect what the satellite picks up...

Well done on today's run :)


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