5K+ Speed!

Well lets just say Laura and I have very differing views of what is a slow jog! Her slow jog is my fast jog, and her fast jog is my sprint (hahaha). Needless to say I did walk some of the last part of todays exercise. However I can walk 150 and 165 beats per minute, so why is it so hard to jog it?

Oh well todays jog actually took me back to week 1 of the C25K the first half was OK but the second half nearly killed me.(Hahaha).


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9 Replies

  • Ewwww thanks for posting that ... I was toying with the idea of downloading 5k+ speed as I've been such a slug all along :D

    Now I think I'll stick to my original idea of consolidating more complete 5k runs before I try and pick up speed LOL. Weird though, I too reckon I can walk faster than jog. Good luck speed fiend ;) ;)

    Linda x

  • I think I will try the stepping stones one on Wednesday and see how that goes. If I struggle with that I will do the same as you and work on getting to 5k in 30 mins. :-)

  • Love the badge ... suits you ;) X

  • Would you look at that, greens suits us. :-) Graduates how cool. :-D

  • I enjoyed speed but couldn't do stepping stone at all. From reading the experiences of others it seems to me that it is fine to struggle with one of the graduate podcasts, try a different one and it may seem really straight forward in comparison to speed for you. My suspicion is it is gait related but then I run like an excited penguin.

  • Hahaha you just gave me a mental picture with the excited penguin. :-) Puts me in mind of Pheobe from Friends.

  • It's funny, I like Speed but couldn't do Stepping Stone. I found it too difficult to stick to the beat for longer periods of time! Speed is good because I ignore the beat bit and just go 'Laura says FAST' and 'Laura says SLOW' to myself and put my own speed in :P

    I still need to try 'Endurance' or whatever the other one is.

  • The other one is "stamina" I will give all three a go and see how I get on. I think I was just expecting the speed one to be a bit easier because it is shorter in time. Silly me. :-)

  • I found these quite interesting even though I was running all wrong and knackered my ankle :( Still, that aside, i discovered that I loved having a definitive beat to run to and have now worked out my own playlist, starting with My Sharona at 150 bpm to ease into it and then some 160s, finishing with a burts of Billy Idol and Rebel Yell at 165bpm! Sadly, I haven't managed to run to this because of my Luddite tendencies but I will post separately about this to give you all a laugh. Anyway, my point is ( :D ) I found these - hard but good. Enjoy!

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