1 st run (fast walk)

Warm up a bit ott as brisk walking uphill was a bit tiring - but simply slowed down to an able. First minute jog - too unwieldy - so settled for fast pace walk.

So my method was flat out fast walk for 1 min followed by slow amble recovery. This worked for the session and I'll be happy to repeat that. Just need to get into the habit of getting out on a regular basis - I can bring the pace up as the confidence builds.

Thanks to everyone for the moral support - It did help :-).

I'll report in on Thursday after no 2.




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22 Replies

  • Grats Joe. you've cracked the hard bit...getting out there ☺

  • Hi Joe I did my first run on Monday and felt ok after. I was surprised I didn’t resemble that scene in Alien with my heart pounding out of my chest. I must admit I felt a bit smug.

    Anyway I was soon put back in my place with my ankles almost refusing to bend and feeling painfully tight on Tuesday morning - decidedly odd but today I have to do my second run. I’m determined to do it. I will try walking longer than 5 mins and push myself through it. I never thought this would be easy but hadn’t expected to stumble first time!

  • Hi Nick - Well done - a newbie like me. Ok on the body feedback you need to listen to it. Be careful with the determination too lol. I'm infamous for not giving up on tasks - I need to remember that my health is more important than ticking a box.

    Good luck Nick ;-)

  • Really, really well done AstroJoe..!!

    You're up, you're out there and you've made a cracking start.

    Take it slow, take it steady and you'll not go far wrong.

    Looking forward to watching your progress 😊

  • Sounds like you've been making steady progress. Keep it up!

  • Excellent work! Just keep getting out there & when you feel able try a slow jog (I can walk faster than I jog). You be surprised how quick your body gets use to it.

  • Thanks Emma - I have walked at 8k/hr a score years or more ago - but need to kick in the weight loss too. Don't want to confused with Mr Blobby - more Wobbly!!.


  • even more reason to keep it slow! you'll find the wobbly bits are less wobbly after a few weeks and the walk/jog/run becomes easier!

  • Lol - I may need to move to Wimbledon..and just womble

  • Well done Joe! Keep going 😊

  • You too - congratulations!

  • Welcome to the programme. You’ve cracked the hard bit.... getting out there! Slow and steady, even if you think you’re running backwards 👏

  • Thanks - you enjoy the hills. My route is a downhill start and an uphill finish - not the best way around :-)

  • I avoid hills!

  • Sounds like a sensible approach. Getting the pacing right is a good lesson to learn early on. You shouldn't be looking to 'run' as much as jog. If you go into these early runs as though you were embarking on a longer run and keep a light pace then you will be doing much more good. If you struggle, slow down a bit. At the moment you are building your stamina for sustainable movement. Well done!

  • First task is getting up and getting out there so well done, go at your own pace everyone is different, just keep moving and you will be fine

  • Will do - thanks Tracey

  • You’ll get there, just keep going 😊

  • Thanks Polly - I hope your knee keeps quiet on the next run

  • Thanks, With any luck...was gonna be tonight but I really could not cope with the treadmill tonight...will save it for the weekend when I can get out in the fresh air!!

  • Hi I’m sure as you go threw the programme,take it slow and you will be fine 😀 we are all here to help and support each other 😀

  • Thank you - moral support is greatly appreciated. Hows the trainers?

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