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Week 2 Run 1- best run yet!! And a pleasant surprise from the scales!


I was so excited to be moving up today! I was pleasantly surprised to find that 90 seconds running still felt comfortable and within my grasp and I didn't even get a stitch today :) I found a great rhythm and was running in a light drizzle with a great big grin on my face. I also stepped on the scales today.... Since starting myfitnesspal 2 weeks ago, eating really healthily and doing Couch to 5K I've lost half a stone!! I'm so so happy! My BMI was in the mid-low 30s I'm ashamed to say and I'm quite a chubby girl, so to be enjoying running and loosing weight I'm feeling great at the moment- can't wait for Tuesday and my next run :D

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Hurray for you! Well done! It's a buzz ain't it!? :-)

Wow that a great weight loss, looks like its working for you! Glad you're enjoying it, good luck for this week.......... :)


Stick with it Debs, I've been doing the same and have lost over a stone since I started C25k nine weeks ago.


You'll keep dropping weight if you keep running but you have to eat healthily at the same time to keep your strength up. Good food becomes more important than ever. It's good to see your body shape changing

Keep up the good work!


Congratulations on getting to week 2 and well done on your weight loss. Best wishes.

Well done Debs972 - I have my first W2R1 on Wednesday - like you I have noticed that my weight has gone down which is great - keep it up and we can virtually run together!!

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