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Hi, been lurking here for awhile reading all your posts. I started c25k last year indoors on my treadmill in an attempt to boost my weight loss (42yrs old and 3 stone left to lose having lost 2 stone), I got to week 5 but wasn't losing any weight despite following weight watchers as well! Any way I'm going to get the treadmill out tomorrow and start again having realised that running has lots more benefits and I did lose inches, maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage to run outside!


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  • Hi, I have just finished week 1, today. I never thought I'd take up running, or running outdoors at least! I think if people want to stare, let them. In the past, I would have been self conscious. Sounds like you did really well on this before. I am trying to re-train myself into not relying on scales, but how I look and feel in my clothes. I'm getting fit and not going to let others put me off. Everybody on here is really friendly and helpful. x

  • I think you might be right, let them look! The funny thing is I walk a lot and hardly ever see anyone so they'll be nobody to stare!

  • hi welcome and well done on your weight loss so far :D well done on taking that 1st step and deciding to start again :D that is often the hardest part :)

    keep posting on your progress :) maybe that one day might come sooner :D :D

  • Thanks, let's hope so!

  • Hi Lu

    I think getting outside will unlock your weight loss potential! Everything works so much better when you're unleashing your inner panther and moving outdoors (just ask our JuJu!)

    I think many of us, myself included, start out being self-conscious but I would bet diamonds that 100% of us soon lose the fear of being seen by our better halves/partners/neighbours/friends etc and within hours/days/maybe even weeks (doubt it though) are running in daylight without a care in the world.

    I don't think your weight will move too much in 5 weeks at C25k as you only run/walk very short times/distances. It's only by keeping going with the running and the weight watching that you'll find success. It's like anything else, you have to stick at it!

    So come on, get that treadmill oiled up and get going. Better still, start running outdoors. If the weather's too vile, stay in on the treadmill. Any run is better than no run.

    Have fun!

  • Well done on your weight loss so far. I'm so pleased you are giving C25K another go, it has got to be worth it. Stick with it and if you can get outside then I reckon you will benefit even more. Go for it lufoo and let us all know how it goes x :-D

  • I've been doing this running business since last June. I was worried about being stared at but I knew I wouldn't stick to a treadmill routine because I would get bored. I went out in the early morning (still do) when only the occasional dog walker & paper boy was out. After the initial concerns I started to look forward to it - first time I had looked forward to exercise for donkey's years! I have lost weight but I don't think you burn that many calories running. My weight loss is down to diet I think. The running has made things wobble less & given my a confidence boost. If I can't go out - even for a short jog I feel that something is missing. It's not all plain sailing - rain, wind, inconsiderate dogs, drivers, coughs & colds BUT compared to how I was before I'm a different, hopefully improved, person. Keep us posted on your progress - & have no fear you'll get buckets of encouragement on here!

  • Hi

    I do WW too and have found that the exercise helps to keep the weight off, rather than accelerate the weight loss. I feel super energised and yesterday earned 10 pro points after a run in the morning followed by a brisk walk with a friend who cannot run at the moment. (Fitbit user).

    Keep it up - your body will not only lose weight but will change shape. I am now buying size 14 running clothes. When I started WW I was in 18/20 baggy clothes and would never have bought a sleek pink running top!

    And another warning. C25k was only intended to be a temporary measure while my swimming pool was closed unexpectedly. But I became addicted, taking the opportunity to run wherever I could in new places. I use mapmyrun to see places I can run, be it a well lit industrial estate with wide footpaths bordered with maintained verges to large 24 hour supermarket car parks, or local national cycling routes through the park.

  • The thing is, we need to be active whether we lose weight or we don't! It's still worth doing, still reduces the risks to our health so a great gift to give ourselves

  • Well after a long debate with myself over treadmill/pavement I unfolded the treadmill, plugged it in put one earphone in, was about to put the other one in and the phone rang, it was the school saying my son had forgotten his tuck! So decided as I had to go out anyway I may as well stay outside, pavement won! It was hard but glad I did it and I know it will get easier, thanks for your support and advice

  • Well I've just finished week4 day 2 and absolutely loved it! The feeling you get once you've done is just amazing, I've learnt to slow down, I just which you could bottle that feeling!

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