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First run tomorrow!


I turned 50 a month ago and have never run half a K let alone 5K. My fitness levels are atrocious and it's time to sort that out. I came across C25K last week and have done a lot of reading and research into the whole idea of running and wondered if I could do it? The iphone app seems to have got me interested, so today I bought some running shoes and my first run is tomorrow morning. I'm quite worried about how ridiculous I'll look but the fact is, I've got a terrific amount of determination to do this and I hope I can do it.

Wish me luck. I'll be the one in the alarmingly new trainers!

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You've made a great decision to embark on this addictive programme. Looking forward to reading all about your first run tomorrow. Good luck!

I did my first run yesterday and like you worried about looking ridiculous but once I started I didn't care! Good luck. Come back and let us know how you got on.


Good luck. I'm half way through week 3 and still feel

Silly compared to the "proper" runners, but already feel fitter!


I've only done 2 runs (and 1 that doesnt count). I go out first thing before anyone is up to avoid anyone seeing me when when cars have passed, no horns have honked, no one has phoned the rspca to report a cow on the loose;) and no one seems to care. Good luck and keep coming on here as the support is amazing! :)


Goodness me, what a terrific bunch you all are. Thank you for such incredible encouragement. Amazeballs (as teenagers say.....)


I think pretty much all of us started by thinking how silly we will look because we can't run but believe me that soon goes away. I am on week 9 now only one run left and I was the one in the park avoiding everyone, luckily cold so hat on hoping no one would recognise me. I soon learnt hey I am doing something about my health and out here and got proud of myself. Now I am even happy running in capris and vest top and doing my stretching in the park.

You will be concentrating on your jogging and not everyone else and there will always be someone who seems faster or fitter around but hey they all started somewhere.

I have found practically every run hard but the feeling when you finish is so worth it and my fitness has improved no end and that is after all what we are here for.

So go out and enjoy yourself and be proud of the fact you are taking responsibility for your health!! Happy Running.

con-brioGraduate in reply to karenmac70

Soooo true, Karen. Couldn't have put it better. Good luck with W9R3. :-)

DANZARGO, just go for it. You'll soon be wondering why on earth you didn't start before, all that time wasted... :D


Who cares if you look silly at least you are out there doing it. :-) I have just come to the end of the programme and I can tell you it 100% works if your follow it!

Best of luck for tomorrow and try to start slow. :-)

danzargoGraduate in reply to caz1_ca

That's good to know. Thank you!


Yep, with the rest of the fab folk above, welcome to the go-getters :D

Get on those sparkly shoes - they'll dull after a couple of outings - no worries

Go out with a smile and heaps of determination to succeed. Looking wacky is OK

Get involved with Laura, she'll keep you company all the way through

Go slowly - is doesn't matter a jot if your jog is slower than your walk

I finished last Friday. In February I was an overweight, asthmatic in my 60s, approaching retirement, having not run since schooldays. I took 12 weeks to complete and I feel absolutely amazing! Slimmer, asthma gone, emotionally calmer, happy and content and looking forward to the next challenge and growing older disgracefully! :D

This is an Amazeballs programme ;) and the forum members the best crowd of advisors on the planet. They'll help you through any tough times and cheer you through the highs! Go for it - good luck :) Cheers, Linda


Good luck Danzargo! Look forward to reading your blogs. You can do it :-)

I am older than you and had never ever run in my life. So it really works. I often think I must look dreadful and about to collapse but I know that I have never seen anyone out running and thought anything negative about them. I was always just a bit envioius, so even when "proper runners" shoot past me I don't feel too bothered. I hope you get the bug and enjoy it.


I was 56 when I started.. now 57 and tomorrow start Week 8 !!!! Ran W7R3 yesterday, then drove round the route to find that I had done 2.2. miles! Kept thinking... did I REALLY run this far?? Feel really proud of myself - and you will too.

Keep it up, and keep us posted on your progress.

Hey! I'm 66 and in the middle of week 4 so if I can do it so can you! Enjoy it I am....mostly!

Go for it - there's nothing to lose that you wouldn't want to lose! I think we need a 50+ group here as there seem to be quite a lot of us more mature new runners. I'm up to w7R2 now and hope to finish W9 the week I turn 56. You will find there is a huge variation in the speed and distance people achieve, so the really important thing is to compare with yourself, not anyone else. I am still probably not running any faster than I can walk, but I can keep going for so much longer than when I started, so I know I am making progress even if I can't match the speed of others. Good luck!

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