First run tomorrow!

Hi guys! I'm doing my first run tomorrow, however I've just come back down to Cardiff and have no food in the house, and no time to get some right now. Is it bad to run on an emtpy stomach or shall I try and rustle something up? I also work late on weekends, how important is a good sleeping pattern when it comes to exercise and running?

Other than that i'm really excited to get going! Turns out one of my other friends was planning on doing c25k and is starting with me tomorrow!


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  • Good luck getting going! I can't answer your question as I'm only in week one myself but if you're anything like me you just have to fit this in when you can as the perfect conditions never happen

  • Thanks! Good luck to you too, how are you finding it?

  • I don't like running on an empty stomach, it makes me feel a little faint and my legs feel heavy. But you'll be alright - the first run is a total of 8 minutes of running (I think), the rest is brisk walking, so don't worry too much about it, just go slow and enjoy!

  • I keep forgetting that it's only a bit of running in the first week! Ill see how I go :)

  • Different strokes, different folks! I'm the exact opposite of Iben. I feel too heavy and bloated if I've eaten. At this stage, either way is fine. You'll have 60 second slow jogs interspersed with walking. Do make sure you have a drink before you start though. Most importantly, enjoy it :) :)

  • That's true, I forget it's only a bit of running at the start :) Thanks so much, I'm sure I will!

  • Good luck for tomorrow!

    What and how much to eat before a run seems to be a very personal thing but for week 1 of C25K you are realistically only going to be burning 100-150 calories and as such running on empty should not be a problem. Do drink some water beforehand, though.

    You will probably feel hungry afterwards!

  • Thank you! :) I'll see how I go cos I'll probably be fine either way with food, but water is a good idea!

    What do you normally eat afterwards?

  • After shorter runs (5K or under) I tend to have just a banana although I am one of those who eats beforehand.

  • Welcome! Well done for taking the first step and good luck for your first run tomorrow. C25k is simply brilliant and following the programme is one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

    Go slow, stretch, take your rest days and you'll be a runner before you know it!

    People can be really different when it comes to their running preferences. Personally, I'm not great running in the morning - perhaps because I'm not a morning person or perhaps because I can never stomach breakfast so I'm running on empty a little. I always like to have eaten something at least an hour before running, even if it's just a banana. You might be different though so you'll probably need to work out what is best for you. I don't have a set time I go out - I prefer to run late evening but sometimes I go out any time from early afternoon if I know I can't fit in a late run. Some people like to run at the same time every time they go out, others don't or can't. It's probably a good idea to use the first few weeks of the programme to work out what suits you so you'll know for when the longer runs begin. :)

    This forum is the absolute best place on the internet, filled with incredible, inspirational people. Make sure you post to let us know how you're getting on and let the forum folk motivate, encourage a celebrate your successes with you. We'll be with you every step of the way! :)

  • Thanks for that detailed reply and for wishing me luck! :)

    I'm not a huge morning or breakfast fan myself, but I'm anaemic so I'm thinking I should eat a small amount before a run, once I'm progressing more anyway and doing longer runs. I'm at uni, have a part time job and will be starting placement soon so the runs will probably be all over the place!

    Thank you so much, only been on here a few days and it seems amazing already! I'm feeling much more motivated for tomorrow than I expect I would have been without the forum and you guys :) I'll post to let you all know how it goes!

  • I have no problem running on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, I don't worry about food if I'll be running for less than an hour, I just have a small glass of water.

    Everybody is different though and some people prefer to eat first.

    A recent episode of "Trust me I'm a Doctor" found that Women generally perform better after eating and Men before eating. It wasn't 100% conclusive but an interesting study non the less.

  • I don't eat before I run in the mornings, just have a small glass of water. If you want to eat something small first, it would be fine. I wouldn't run straight after a full meal though.

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