Dunnit Again

It was one of those nights and so one of those mornings. I usually find it really hard to start on a run and very easy to find reasons to put it off until tomorrow or, better still, the next day. But Parkrun only happens once a week, so I had to at least get out of bed and into the car.

Got to the start and, like last week, thought I'd do just the one lap from three. Heavy legs at the start confirmed it.

But like last week I just got into the "zone" and kept going to the end. In what is probably yet another PB! Only shaved a few seconds off but, hey, it's a PB

I just don't understand how this works - totally counter-intuitive

So pleased with the morning that I thought I'd try doing a repeat run. Off we went from the finish, running in the reverse direction. This was weird - all the visuals were different - I thought I had taken a wrong turning at one point but no - it just looked so very different. Got to the end of the second 5k ... and continued for the km or so back to my car.

I REALLY don't understand this. I can't do 10k but that's twice in two weeks. And I was even able to include some of the technique from the "speed" podcast

Can anyone explain?


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24 Replies

  • Don't even try to understand it... just enjoy it! Well done. :D

  • It's the 5x50 inspiration! Really well done! It's funny just how different a route looks in the opposite direction though, isn't it! I expect that helped as a bit of a distraction - but even so, very impressive, especially as you didn't even want to start! :)

  • It's the good vibes we are sending out to you Malcy. To quote Laura -- Just savour the moment :-)

  • I can hear them. I'm pickin' up good vibrations. They're giving me excitations. Oo Bop Bop, Oo Good Vibrations ...

    Go on - have a boogie with me!

  • Er... how about... God only knows how we'd feel without ... running? Not a boogie but a slow. Never mind! Cheers to the Beach Boys :-)

  • Well I never. I suppose that once you know you can do it, you can do it! We do start to learn coping mechanisms too, which help with regulating speed and breathing and pain!

  • Hi TJ. You know I talk about the chimp on our shoulder? It tells us that it would be so much easier if we just stopped? That's obviously a subconscious thing - probably based on decades of giving in to temptation. I've had a year of confronting the chimp, putting it back in its cage and actually achieving so many 'impossible' things. So I wonder whether this is the inverse of the chimp. The equivalent of the 'good little angel' and the 'little devil' that guides our conscience. If the chimp is the little devil, maybe our good angel is subconsciously reassuring us that it's going to be fine ... so we just keep going. Or am I just being 1:30am crazy? (:->)

  • Brilliant Malcy, well done!

    It just shows how much is in the mind! I've run 28 days in a row and each time I still get that moment of trepidation .... just like trying to start an old banger of a car, you cross your fingers, turn the key and every time it sparks into life you go Woo Hoo!!! ;-)

  • Just checked your page on the 5x50 site... Fantastic... all green. :-)

    But wait, what's all that about a bone marrow test (April 15th)??? I see you're running for Leukemia research, but surely not...??? Amazing, truly amazing. Malcy should invent a new star, just for you.

  • Bone marrow sample was just the final one of the follow up .... finished treatment nearly 3 years ago and been in full remission since, it's just that the regular testing just goes on for a long time. That's my celebration really and why I wanted to run every day ... just celebrating and grateful for leukaemia research :-)

  • I am speechless with admiration. All our little niggles and pains are nothing by comparison. Malcy! GIVE THIS MAN A MEDAL!

  • Done!

  • Honestly no ... one thing you learn from reading all the blogs and posts here is that everyone has a story .... I like being part of that team :-)

  • Hi. I've taken the liberty of putting a ribbon icon in place, with the title 'running for Leukemia research', so keeping it relatively abstract. if you would prefer me to take it off, I'll be happy to do so.

    Best wishes for a long and happy future, Malcy

  • Thank you :-)

  • Go Malcy! Inspiring again! And there was I, pleased with my one Parkrun, and you've done the double again... :-)

    Seems like you really get in the zone once you set off, then there's no stopping you, and running a course in reverse must confuse the mind and senses! :-)

  • It really did get me confuddled. Running the "correct direction", we go round a bend with a wall on the inside. Coming the other way, I went past a formal garden with a beautiful arched backdrop. It was the other side of the wall of course, but going the correct way, you have no idea that there is a garden behind the wall. There were lots of differences like that.

    As for the zone, I really don't understand the physiology or psychology, and that frustrates me. I really wish I knew how all this happens. I do remember that, when I was in Australia last year visiting my son, his sports-science-graduate partner told me that if you can run 6k, you can run any distance. The body can cope with it - you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I was sceptical but am becoming to think she was right.

    I honestly can't run 10K - I've never trained for it and the idea scares me. But I've done it twice now. There must be something good going on ...

  • When I started c25k I was hugely sceptical that it could work for me.

    My thought was if I'm struggling for breath after 1 minute then it will be twice as hard after 2 mins and three times as hard after the third week and how on earth could you do 20 mins?

    The distance didn't phase me. I could walk 5k without blinking. 10k wouldn't be a big deal ... 20-30 would be OK with a wee refuelling break :-) so for me it was a complete revelation that quite quickly in the program you have adjusted and adapted sufficiently to match breathing with distance, pace and time .... that's the genius of c25k for me.

    So I think I can understand that assertion that after a while you are capable of more. Convincing the brain is a whole other thing! ;-)

  • Amazing going young Malcy, well done! Loved that last little snip of info re 'if you can run 6k, you can run any distance' ... makes me wonder what is possible!? Awwwww well, better just get 'a into g' and find out! (but, not today - back to work grrrrr). Catchya later. Linda :)

  • Malcy the Man!! Another PB another 10k!! Malcy the God of Hell Fire!! There is no stopping you now....even with these late nights of yours! ;) Brilliant!

    I too have run two 10k's in two weeks and have been in that "zone" ....why, how? I dont care, I did it and feel good! :) Yesterday's run was fuelled by Lidl choc covered coffee beans as recommended by PasyMan so put it down to them and the banana! That's my scientific explanation!! :D


  • Been seeing these references to the chocolate covered coffee beans - Mrs Malcy and my baby daughter (now nealy 30 but still my baby) wondered what they tastle like. Where in Lidl are they? Next to the coffee, or by the sweets? I park near a Lidl and can get some tomorrow ...

  • Fantastic, Malcy - you are amazing! (Even though you lost your pom-poms).

  • You are an inspiration so keep it going. Not sure about understanding the zone. More chance of understanding my wife :-)

  • I had the same dilemma trying to find them. Ours were above the freezer chests where they often have one off offers, so not with sweets and chocs as I thought. They are in cellophane bags, milk and dark choc and are yummy! :) Good luck finding them.

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