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First run in a few days

After graduating last week I've found it quite tricky to be motivated to run. Especially as now most of my friends' health binges are over for the year, the social life is picking up again extremely quickly.

However, I forced myself into it this morning and did a slightly different route in just under 40 minutes. I run in an area which is rather off the main streets, so I always had been a little curious as to how far I was running.

Anyway, after trying endomondo and it not working too well for me, I discovered this site this morning:

Which is a really good route planner because it lets you put in routes that aren't just on roads, so you can put in park routes, canal routes, etc.

Anyway, I inserted my route today to discover I'd run for 6.32km in about 37 minutes. Blown away by this, I decided to put in my graduation route (the classic before work and not straying to far from the house route) and discovered that was 5.47km.

Extremely chuffed with that effort and can now start to understand why I'm red faced and sweating after each 30 minute run.

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That's great! What a nice surprise to find out your 30min run was 5.47k :D

Changing things up can keep it interesting and stop you getting bored. Have you set a new goal to keep you motivated?


Thanks :) No new goal for the moment, just getting used to the 30 minute runs this week and probably next too. I'm thinking of doing B210K afterwards though, my friend wants me to join in on a 10k run later in the year and I feel like I've got a long way to go to get there yet!


Well you should feel very pleased indeed with that! :)


Brilliant! A great time too :)


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