So proud of myself & a few firsts

Well tonight was the night & I've been really nervous all day thinking about it BUT I did it!!! Did what you may ask and I shall tell.

After graduating have been thinking about how to keep my motivation going and push on to go just a little further and a little faster so tonight I went along to my local running club. I was dreading the turning up and not knowing anyone etc etc but I made myself go along and it was fine. People were really friendly and encouraging....why did I think they would be anything different!

So the 1st first was the running club, 2nd running for an hour (20 minutes longer than before) and 3rd dong 7.18km (2.18km further than before). There were quite a few walking bits & re-groups but I loved it...even when I didn't think I could go any further!!! I I will be going back next week!!!!

The park run doesn't sound quite so scary now (that's my next challenge)


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48 Replies

  • Wow AliB1 you really have found that mojo haven't you? Congratulations on joining the group and hope it is the beginning of something beautiful for you :) x

  • tonight was a good night, runs like tonight are what keep me going!

  • Wow that's impressive... A running club is such a great idea after graduation... :-D good on you pushing yourself.... Keep up the great work and showing us newbies that the system works... :-D

  • the system does work and i think the way to keep it going post graduation is setting new goals :)

  • Great stuff you are just exuding confidence in this post. So pleased to hear the mojo has been re-discovered! You should be proud!

  • Thank you :)

  • That's great Ali!! It's something I've been thinking of doing for a while, but I was a bit afraid that as I'm very slow I wouldn't be able to keep up with everyone. There is a jogging group only about 5 mins away from where I live which meets on a Tuesday and Thursday. I think you may have given me the courage to go :)

    Really impressed with what you've done!! :)

  • Thank you! I was really worried that I would hold everyone up in the group too but it was OK. One of the other ladies was kind of at my pace so that made me feel better. Get in touch with group before you go and check that the pace would be OK (I emailed the running group and told them what distance /time I could do in advance).

    Go for it Minuette you'll be fine! :)

  • Good idea, I'll email them thanks :)

  • Oooh look at you as well!!! :) lol

  • Oh gosh!!!! Go girl!!! Grinning like a loony here :) a RUNNING CLUB!!! An actual running club! I'm going to have to do that now... :) well I will if Minuette will lol

  • I'm seriously thinking about going on Thursday......... ;)

  • Go for it!!!!

  • I'm still smiling!!!!

  • Ooh ! I've spent the last couple of evenings sneaking looks at the local running club website and dithering - I'd sort of dismissed it but now I'm dithering again....

    Well done you, it sounds fantastic !

  • I've been stalking them online for quite some time before I found the courage to make contact and then turn up!

  • I felt a bit like a stalker too !!!! :-) :-) :-)

  • I stalk Bromley's Parkrun site too! Gosh think I need to get a life lol :) :)

  • Or lay down in a dark room for a bit... Lol :) :)

  • Actually sat here giggling, and getting nervous :) My nearest running club is huge! They take over the footpaths lol

  • If it's a big club likely to have lots of groups of varying there will be one suitable for you . Loved it today coz ran in the local country park and was so much nicer than pounding pavements..just a little muddy!!!

  • I love mud...

  • Mud, mud, glorious mud !!


  • just love this sfb!

  • It reminds me a bit of when I went to an aqua-jog class ;-)

  • LOL!!! You are too funny... yes i can see the ladies in their swimsuits...

  • laughing :) and python too :)

  • So glad you did it Ali!! Fantastic! I was thinking about you yesterday, you are so brave! I just knew you would love it though! Well done!!

  • It sounds like you really enjoyed it. Good for you ! I bet that this time last year if someone said you'd be joining a running club you'd have thought they were mad!

  • Brilliant news about joining a club. We have a local club here but I'm far too scared to join the professionals lol. It sounds like they were a great welcoming lot tho', and as you say, why would they be anything different - we know we have our own welcoming mad runners club here too!


    Oh, sounds like you had great run out with them...and well done on increasing your distance and time!

  • Oh wow you're so brave Ali! It sounds like you had a brill time, well done for running for an hour, that's impressive. :)

  • Well done you! It really is inspiring to read these posts and see where I could take myself so, thanks for sharing :). I plan to join the Sweatshop Running Community tomorrow night (they offer freebies as incentives to keep going each week and I'm a sucker for a freebie). I sent my husband to Monday nights run which was 10k so too much for me just yet and I've told him he has to come tomorrow to do the 5k run with me (I often organise his life, geeesh he's a lucky lad lol). I met a few of them at last weeks park run and they all seemed quite friendly so, ive no excuses not to go. Excited but nervous, I'm sure I'll be ok though. I also heard they eat sweets afterwards, it would be so rude to not go now I know that as well! :)

  • I would have gone with my local one too but they are just a tad to far away (guy that sold me my trainers recommended that i do it).

    let us know how you get on.

  • Ooh, let us know how you get on :)

  • Wonderful, and so brave too! Wow you must have been really tired at the end of such a big run!

  • Think I feel it more today....shins / calves just a tad sore...think ice pack will be out later

  • I'm trying to pluck up the courage to go and join my local running group tonight! I was all enthusiastic about it a week ago but now I'm getting cold feet :-( The last few runs haven't been as joyful as earlier ones and I'm worried that I am just too slow although I have been reassured that there are 3 coaches so no-one gets left behind. Reading your blog makes me think that I should just go and do it - but what if they're scary people?!?! ;-)

  • i know exactly how you feel...hadn't had a good run in a couple of weeks so was stressing about being too slow, them not being friendly...Pluck up the courage and go along if you've already spoken to them or someone at the club they've reassured you they do mean it! I'm sure you'll enjoy it Good luck. Let me know how you got on! :)

  • Well done Ali.

    Noticed on your earlier blogs you'd misplaced your mojo....well i think it's turned up again!

    Have struggled with motivation since graduating, but now i know what to do....join the southampton running sisters!

    thanks Ali :)

  • Go for it!

    Yup, think I have found my running mojo...hope I can hang on to it for a while :)

  • Well done Ali on all your firsts. Now you've taken that step you can surely achieve anything you set your mind too. Really pleased for you :)

  • Thanks blueboots! Need to remember this feeling for when I start doubting myself again.

  • well done AliB1!, running for an hour and 7.18km. thats great. glad you enjoyed it :)

  • well running and some walking!

  • Wow! You are brave I've been thinking of joining a running club too but always thought the people would be a bit aloof, don't know why I would think that as they are just like us right?! Well done for all those "Firsts" Marvel in your achievements, you're fabulous :)

  • thank you! my legs aren't marvelling in my achievement as they are still sore form Tuesday :(

  • Wow well done, I think you are brave too, but you are obviously worthy xx keep us posted!

  • Excellent news, if you can reach that's a definite "pat yourself on the back" moment :-D

    I don't have a running club round here, I would really like to do that.

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