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Bang the drums sound the trumpets THREE minutes off PB!

Just have to blogg this morning I've just knocked three yes three minutes off my PB ..... It maybe on a treadmill but Wednesdays run walk W8R2 completed by 37 mins and I was chuffed but this morning just completed W8R3 in 34 mins soooooooo proud of myself !!!!!!!! I just love this feeling haven't felt so good since my first big run on week five ..... First time round so now almost a double graduate see you can all return after injury .... Off for a shower now .... I stink !

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Flippin' eck RFW!! Congratulations, well done, brilliant..!!!

Yes, please do go for that shower...ahem.....



Wow! That's incredible. I was just writing up today's Parkrun & saying that I couldn't understand how we can all keep doing things that are so surprising. Isn't it marvellous?

Very well done.


Goodness, that was a lot faster! No wonder you needed that shower! Hope you're feeling a bit cooler now. :)


Well I'm still over the moon today any thing is possible I think the difference was I had two young people either side of me of me on the dreadmill and couldn't let them beat this fifty year old refaced woman it was such a good feeling they both gave up I may well have looked half dead but I still beat them - how I'll feel tomorrow is any ones guess !


Brilliant! 3 minutes is amazing! Hope you're feeling okay today :)


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