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Starting Week One Tomorrow, Kinda Nervous!

So I heard about Couch to 5K from my Mum's friend, she's been doing it for a few weeks now and she says she feels healthier and happier since starting the routine, and you can really see it as well.

Now, I'm your typical case really, always been the "Big One" in the group, teased when I was at school, and at 18, still occasionally hear "it's just puppy fat, it'll drop off eventually!". I am also a self confessed comfort eater, after a horrible day at work or an argument with the boyfriend, I always find myself reaching for the biscuit tin or cracking into a packet of crisps, and I'm sick of it!

So, I've decided, no longer will I be the "Big One" in the group, starting tomorrow morning, 26th April, I'm starting Couch to 5K, and I'm determined to get through the 9 weeks!

I'm currently *deep breath* 9 stone 5 pounds, and by my 19th birthday (which is in July) I'd like to have hopefully lost a stone, I'm also starting Josie Gibson's 30 Second Slim and on Weight Watchers, so with the support of my family, friends, and everyone on here, I'll be able to achieve my goal! :D

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Welcome, Good luck and happy running -- btw 9 stone 5lbs is not fat unless you are very much on the short side. :-)


Good luck and good for you for being so positive! I started last week and it has made me feel much better within myself. You don't sound overweight - you weigh less than me! Keep us updated on your progress ?


Good Luck, you can and WILL do it! Listen to Laura and go at a pace that suits. And just add, If I was 9 stone 5lb I would be jumping for joy, I'm sure you already look great! Enjoy :)


Welcome to C25K. :D As you progress through the programme you'll find your bodyshape will change (i.e. you'll become more svelte), though the weightloss from running alone might be disappointing: it's because muscle weighs more than fat. However, you're doing WW at the same time, so you'll be fine, like plenty before you here.

Wish I weighed 9 stone 5lb... haven't weighed that since I was 14... more-or-less 40 years ago! ;-)


Well done for getting started. Like everyone else here, I haven't seen anything like 9 stone for a long, long time. Like con-brio said, muscle is way more dense than fat (x4) so don't think so much about weight as bodyshape, which will change very much if you are dieting AND running.

Good luck, stick with it, the plan does work, and well done your mum's friend for sticking with it and recommending it! :-)


Thanks guys for the encouragement and kind words, I'm 5 ft 3 inches tall with the built in family hips, so I'm still on the plump side! And I'm sure you all look amazing whether you're a beginner like me or have completed the 9 weeks :D I've just done my first run, I'll be popping a blog up shortly :)


Well from a 12 stone something 56 year old....blimey..wish I could turn the clock back..o and I'm not 6foot tall either, just 5 foot 1 inch. I was about your size at your age and when I look back at photos, I was bloomin gorgeous. Be happy with what you have, you are gorgeous!! Go for the C25K and enjoy it and make use of the fabulous programme...if nothing else, it will help you feel better about yourself. Very very good luck!!


We'll you've started so that's great. Remember that there will be the occasional bad day but you can overcome those. I got to week 6 then picked up a cold. Started again a week later at week 5 and strained a calf muscle so lost another couple of weeks. Just finished week 3 this morning in a cold drizzle but feel really good. You will get there and feel justifiably proud of yourself.


Hi there and welcome! U can do it just get out the door that's the hardest thing but once you've done it you'll feel great! I was where u are last week and have just done run 3 of w1 in the rain this morning after dropping the kids to school I just did it without thinking and that helps cos if I think right now I'm gonna run in the rain/sun whatever I wouldn't do it!

Best of luck with your first week and just take it easy at your own pace!

Jax1970 x


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