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Unsporty couch potato


This is my first post as I've just found this group. I'm about to start week8 of Couch 2 5k and I just can't believe I've got this far. I'm finding it quite addictive and really look forward to my runs now, this coming from someone who at school was extremely undporty and was always the last to be picked for team games because I was so rubbish, I also thought that the words fun and run had no business being in the same sentence. I'd given up on sport until a friend of mine who is quite overweight (I'm pretty sure she wont mind me.saying that)came in one morning when i was staying with her, puffing and blowing and looking exhausted but also like she was high on something. She told me she was doing Couch 2 5k, I looked into it and a few months later I started it and cannot believe I can now run for almost 30 minutes, it's such an unbelievable confidence boost. Anyway sorry about the long post. Looking forward to reading all your stories.


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Same place as you. Need to repeat week 8 day 1 as struggled with the hills

Dizzywitch in reply to Juleskam

I know what you mean about hills. I live in Bath and it's an extremely hilly city, I can't go very far at all in any direction without coming across them so I'm slowly learning to factor them into the runs, just not right at the end when I'm ready to drop.



It is a life changer........ tell the world.

Keep running keep smiling.

I'm really starting to feel like it is changing me. As for telling the world, I'm currently boring the pants off all my friends as to how great Couch 2 5k is 😁

it’s the best legal high we can have!


Welcome Shaz & very well done! W8 - wow!

I better get the podium polish out for you! 😀

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