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W1R1 done, bring on run 2!

W1R1 done, bring on run 2!

So the boyfriend and I headed out yesterday on his first run since school and my first run this year. I was feeling pretty confident, I know the ropes, done this before, should have started on at least week 3 but starting from the beginning just to try to persuade my other half to join me. To be brutally honest I was quite looking forward to jogging on ahead while he puffed and panted along behind.

So was this the reality? Not a bit!! I found the run quite a challenge to be honest, much more than I thought and certainly more than my significant other. Ah well, not the first time I have demonstrated large quantities of misplaced confidence, not the last either I wouldn't mind betting! Luckily I had managed to keep my thoughts to myself so wasn't quite as unkind as I might sound, I was simply looking forward to being better than him at something for once - ah well.

It was really nice in one way to be out with someone else for a change but I'm quite looking forward to doing some runs on my own as well, I guess the whole 'me time' thing has its pluses. The best news is he intimated that he intends on carrying on with the programme which I'm super pleased about as I'm sure it will do him so much good both physically and mentally. I'm really hoping this will be something we can enjoy/endure together - I think running and I will always have a love/hate relationship at best!

So, onwards and upwards. W1R2 on my own tomorrow as he is on duty at work but I'm sure we'll run together again soon.

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Well done on getting back out there and for managing to get your other half out too. It is so surprising how quickly you lose the ability of doing something when you don't do it. I am now on week nine and to say I haven't found practically ever step a huge challenge wouldn't be far off, still waiting for the day when my 30 minute run is enjoyable rather than hard work.

I reckon now that your back out there your next few runs may be a little easier as you have done the hard one of working those legs again. One thing I have learnt on this journey is that one day I have a good run (means I manage it not easily) and the next I might not manage what I did the time before without having to pull out all the stops so don't go beating yourself up about any bad runs I know from experience it does you no good whatsoever.

I totally agree with you on its nice having someone to be able to share this with but its also lovely to get out there on your own for some me time and completely clear your head!!

Good luck with the rest of the course I look forward to hearing how you both get on. Happy running!!


Excellent blog! Well done.




Great start - even if it wasn't quite how you'd hoped. :) Men have an unfair advantage in just having faster bodies on average - well, that's how I see it anyway! I have yet to try going out running with my other half, especially as he used to do competitive running, and I was always the least able at PE in my class - he can probably run three times my speed!

Hope you both really enjoy your running journeys. :)


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