5k in 30mins?

Hi everyone :-).  I'm on week 8, so have 3 x 28 min runs to do.  My equipment malfunctioned (bad workmen and all that!) on the first 28 min run and I just used my watch then and ran for 30 mins just in case I'd missed a bit somewhere.  Anyway, I did it, but only covered 4.2 km.  Is this normal or is everyone reaching 5k in 30 mins?  I know it's not the be all and end all but I am curious.  Thanks :-)


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  • Hi. Well done on getting to week 8. 

    The name couch to 5km is slightly misleading. The aim is to be able to run for 30 mins, not to cover 5km.  Lots of us only manage 5km later on and then it usually takes longer than 30 minutes. I graduated last July  and I've only managed to run 5km in thirty minutes once in all that time.

    Covering 4.2km in 30 minutes sounds really good. Don't worry about your speed right now, just focus on getting to the end of programme. :-)

  • Thank-you Rainbow.  I am loving running all over again - was a big fan at school but never thought I'd do it again. Whern I've been tired whilst running, I've thought about oldfloss and her advice to go VERY slow, but I just can't seem to go any slower.  Body doesn't seem to work that way!!

    Thanks x

  • That is 'cos you are young and I am an Old Snail :)

  • Not that young flossy m'dear :-)

  • Well done on reaching week 8, concentrate on the programme not the time! most people never reach 5k in 30 minutes at the end of C25K, more like 3.5 to 4.5k . good luck with week 9. 


  • Oh great - I know that the speed is mostly irrelevant at this stage but I can't help being curious :-) Thanks x

  • Most people do not manage it in 30 mins... as Rainbowsmurf  says,  the idea is to run for three runs of thirty mins in your last week.

    Many folk never run the 5K... many have no desire to, others go on to other runs and other amazing things.. what matters is, you finish the programme steadily and slowly and then run your own journey :)

  • PS Well done!..Onwards and upwards :)

  • Completely normal.  I ran 5k under 30 exactly one time in my 2 years running.  Don't know if it'll ever happen again, it hasn't been my focus.

  • Beginning to feel better  :-)

  • It's all very individual but I reckon most of c25k graduates do not reach 5k in the 30 minutes.

    4.2 kms sounds really good in 30 mins, well done :)

  • Thanks, I love this forum - so positive :-)

  • I've been running 2 years and can achieve a 35 min 5k if I put my mind to it.  We're all different!

  • True enough - thanks for the encouragement :-)

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