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W4R1 done....cold on the walks, hot on the runs!

Is anyone else feeling the cold on the walks??

I'm too cold on the warm up walk and am eager to get running to warm up.....then hot on the runs. I don't want to wear more and then have to strip off mid run. I'm actually quite looking forward to moving on through the weeks so I'm running more and can keep warm. I'm sure by the time I graduate summer will have arrived and it will be too hot to run :-)

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Well, the weather is never right for me! Throughout the winter I shivered on the warm-up walks and steamed on the runs. Last summer I moaned and bitched about the heat. I hate running in cold rain... you get the picture?

I have never run in a jacket or a fleece because I just overheat, but that does mean that I am generally cold or cool on the walks. Lots of people on here have clever removable sleeved tops, or tie their jackets around their waists, and I'm sure they'll have more helpful advice than I do. Sorry - but at least you know there's someone else in your situation :D


I am the same, i get cold during the walks,, i take a fleece, wear it for the warm up, put it round my waist for running then put it back for the cool down, i also got really cold for about two hours after in week two and three had to sit under a blanket!, but that stopped in about week five, i am the only person i see with a fleece tied round them, but i'd rather be warm!


A really good piece of kit for running (and hiking and cycling) is the ultra-light windproof which compacts into an orange-sized ball when in a stuffsack. These keep the wind off you (and a certain amount of dampness) but are incredibly light to carry if you don't need them. (I see that Aldi are selling cycling ones next week.)


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